The Civil Guard denounces three people for surprising one of them picking mushrooms and the other two for stealing shellfish

They have been denounced for breaching the sanitary confinement decreed on the occasion of the alert

The person who was collecting mushrooms boasted on social networks of his behavior and announced that he would repeat it the next day

The stealthy shellfish gatherers had moved from Huelva to the La Flecha beach in the town of Lepe without any permission to carry out this activity.

The Civil Guard has identified and denounced three people, one of them for picking mushrooms and the other two for stealing shellfish, for failing to comply with the prohibition of movement order established in Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14.

Performance in Burgos

The agents proceeded to identify a person in the town of the Burgos province, for failing to comply with the prohibition of movement order established in the Royal Decree and for violation of Decree 31/2017 that regulates the Wild Mycological Resource in Castilla y León when collecting mushrooms exceeding the established limit and lacking a use license.
This person has had about 2 kilograms of the mushrooms of the variety known as "perrochicos" (Calocybe gambosa) that they have destroyed.
The performance took place when the Civil Guard became aware days ago of the existence of a video in which a person, facing the camera, boasted of having spent a good picnic and of having picked and selected mushrooms that he would later cook, Bypassing the movement restriction that currently exists throughout Spain.
He himself pointed out to other citizens ironically about the way they should be collected and that he would repeat it the next day. In the images, he could perceive a large number of these mushrooms, which, once weighed, threw a weight greater than 20 kilograms.
The Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) investigated the events, identifying the place from where the images had been recorded, so they traveled to the author's home; there they verified the facts and intervened about 2 kilograms of mushrooms of the variety known as "perrochicos", of great culinary value.
The Agents also verified that, on the other hand, it lacked the necessary permits (harvest license) for the collection of mushrooms and that the collection had been carried out in listed forests and in an amount above the authorized limit, which should not exceed 3 kilograms.

Performance in Lepe (Huelva)

Agents of the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA), who provide services in compliance with the state of alarm, surprised two people who had traveled from Huelva to Playa de la Flecha to steal shellfish.
These two people were in the water and when required by the agents, they could not present any type of license authorizing the activity of shellfishing. Likewise, said activity was being carried out on a business day and without being registered with Social Security, for which reason they were reported.


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