The Civil Guard destroyed more than 86,000 weapons during 2019

Destroyed firearms exceed 62,000

These actions are in addition to the UN Action Program on the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons

The Civil Guard destroyed a total of 86,566 weapons last year, among which more than 62,000 were firearms.

These actions are framed within the regulations in force in Spain and joins the United Nations Program of Action on the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons, which originated at the United Nations International Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Ligeras held in July 2001.

International Day for the Destruction of Firearms

At the aforementioned Conference, it was evident, among other issues, “the concern for the illicit manufacturing, transfer and circulation of small arms and light weapons and for their excessive accumulation and uncontrolled proliferation in many regions of the world, which has humanitarian and socio-economic consequences of very diverse in nature and poses a serious threat to peace, reconciliation, security, stability and sustainable development at the individual, local, national, regional and international levels. ”
From there, the UN established that, every July 9, the International Day for the Destruction of Firearms would be celebrated, in order to promote actions for the elimination of firearms of illicit origin.

Control of legal access to weapons

Currently, the competence in terms of weapons and explosives that the State has, is materialized through the Interventions of Weapons and Explosives of the Civil Guard.
These Units control legal access to weapons, for which the current Regulations establish certain requirements, among which are the lack of a criminal record as well as the passing of theoretical and practical tests on the use and handling.
Likewise, to prevent a weapon from being misused when the owner no longer has the right to its possession and use, the regulations establish that they are unused or destroyed.
The deactivation of a weapon, as of the year 2011, is regulated by a very severe regulation, in such a way that it is subjected to a process that affects all its fundamental parts, making it impossible to use it again with full operating capacity.
Likewise, the Civil Guard periodically carries out the destruction of firearms of various calibers, as well as prohibited stables. Some of them are involved in illicit, criminal or administrative matters and after the corresponding procedure their destruction is determined; and others, that by ceasing their holders in the right to possession and use and not having been awarded in auctions, they have the same purpose. This allows the weapons to be reduced to scrap metal by a casting process or the like.
For any doubt or clarification in relation to the content of this note, you should contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Headquarters of Arms, Explosives and Security, telephone 682.844.368.


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