The Civil Guard detained 4 individuals and involved numerous professional press and television material stolen during the UEFA Champions League final

The material has been intervened in the Port of Tarifa, hidden in double bottoms of two buses that usually make the route Tarifa-Tangier.

Also recovered 9 laptops and 159 high-end mobile phones, allegedly stolen in the vicinity of the Metropolitan Wanda.

The Civil Guard has recovered 4 professional video cameras, a professional camera, 159 mobile phones and 9 laptops, and detained four individuals who intended to embark in the port of Tarifa bound for Tangier (Morocco).

During the inspections carried out by the Civil Guard on the passenger cars waiting for their shipment to Morocco, we proceeded to the examination of two buses of a well-known company that regularly crosses the Spanish border.

The now detained, raised the suspicions of the civil guards to be visibly nervous during his performance and to the questions of the agents. When proceeding to the examination of the buses, they found hidden numerous professional graphic material (video and photography cameras) disassembled to avoid suspicion. After a more exhaustive inspection, double bottoms were practiced in both buses, where they hid 159 mobile telephones and 9 portable high-end computers. The total value of the material intervened is greater than € 130,000.

As a result of the investigations, it is discovered that the graphic material of press and television recovered had been stolen from professionals of several national and foreign media, deployed in the vicinity of the Wanda Metropolitan Field of Madrid on the occasion of the UEFA Champions League final. on June 1st.

The Civil Guard is waiting to receive an indeterminate number of complaints from the staff of the Press and other victims. Those injured can contact the Office of Analysis and Fiscal Investigation (ODAIFI) of the Civil Guard in the Port of Tarifa on the phone 95 662 7191.

For more information, contact the Peripheral Communications Office of the Civil Guard of the Commandery of Algeciras at 696 954 118/956 587 235.


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