The Civil Guard detained a man in Alicante for soliciting sexual images of 10 children under 13

She used social media profiles pretending to be girls of the same age, to gain the trust of her victims

He is accused of a crime of corruption of minors and another against privacy and self-image

The Civil Guard has arrested in the town of Villena (Alicante) a 21-year-old man, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of corruption of minors and another crime against privacy and self-image, to contact by technology with children under 16 years

The detainee allegedly tricked prepubertal minors (age close to 13 years) through social networks and messaging applications, to send images of sexual nature in exchange for a quantity of money that ranged between 200 and the 500 euros.

The researchers determined that this individual used the public profiles of underage girls in social networks, to later impersonate their identity, impersonate a minor and establish a bond of trust with their possible victims.

After a while, I took advantage of that trust to ask them for photographic and videographic material, in an explicit sexual attitude and even tried to arrange face-to-face appointments, to try to have sexual relations with them. Fortunately, none of these appointments came to materialize, since it could be stopped before they occurred.

The Civil Guard was able to identify this person and found in his home a smartphone whose analysis has allowed to identify, so far, 10 different victims, residents in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Seville, although the appearance of more minors is not ruled out affected, as the study of the mobile device continues.

The operation has been developed by the Judicial Police Team of Villena and the detainee has been placed at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, who has decreed his provisional release, although with the prohibition of approaching the different victims, the prohibition of approach to any school and the prohibition of carrying out any activity related to minors.

For more information you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Alicante, at telephone number 96 514 56 60 ext. 446-406.


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