The Civil Guard detained in the province of Barcelona two people accused of an attempted murder in southern France

In the registry of the domicile of one of the detainees, 82 cartridges identical to those used in the attempted homicide, as well as the vehicle used in the same events, have been seized.

Within the framework of the international cooperation of the Civil Guard and the French Judicial Police, two persons of Dominican nationality, EJSE and JLV, have been detained in Sabadell (Barcelona), by virtue of two European Arrest Orders issued by France , specifically for his participation in a crime of attempted murder.

The facts that have led to these arrests go back to last December, when in a locality in the south of France, a French family left a supermarket and once inside the family vehicle, an individual approached through the driver's window, performing two shots with a firearm on the head of the family, then fleeing in a vehicle with tinted windows driven by another person.

The testimonies of some eyewitnesses of these facts, together with the images collected by the French authorities, allow to identify that vehicle, as well as some features of its occupants, corroborating that they leave the French country accessing Spain by the Autonomous Community of Catalonia , requesting collaboration from the Spanish security forces.
In this way, the Organized Crime Unit (ECO) of the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard based in Alicante, initiates the investigation with the objective of locating the reference vehicle, as well as locating and identifying its occupants, centering the investigation in the Girona locality of Figueras, where resided one of the possible authors of the attempted homicide, but that after these facts there was no record of his whereabouts.
Last February, after an incessant search by researchers and intense operational activity, they managed to locate the vehicle reported in a neighborhood of Sabadell (Barcelona), corroborating that it was still used by one of the alleged authors of the attempt to homicide object of the investigation.
Once that person has been completely identified and their identity has been provided to the French authorities, they positively establish the participation of the same in the facts, for which reason the investigation focuses at that moment on the location and identification of the second occupant of the vehicle, submitting to the first one identified and its surroundings to a close and discreet surveillance.
In this way it is possible to identify the second person involved in the events, as well as the place of residence of both, located in a quite degraded neighborhood of the municipality of Sabadell (Barcelona), very complex to carry out any police activity for its dangerousness and conflict, being an ideal place for anyone who flee from justice.
Once all this information had been provided to the French authorities and the judicial coordination between the two countries was quickly made, a search was carried out in the homes of those under investigation, with the support of special intervention units of the Civil Guard, verified danger of the objectives.
In this register 82 cartridges were intervened, coinciding the same in caliber, brand and model, with the ammunition used in the investigated facts, as well as 4 mobile phones that simultaneously used the investigated ones and the vehicle used by the authors.

Account adjustments between rival gangs

In a parallel way, the investigations carried out in France, manage to identify the intellectual author of the facts, for which a series of actions is set in motion to verify the level of participation and the motivation that would have led him to hire two assassins and location of it.
For all of this, during the past month, the French authorities proceed to the arrest of three people, among whom is the mastermind of the attempted murder, in the case of the leader of a rival criminal organization to which the aggrieved person belonged. These arrests cause another registration in Figueras (Gerona), where the intellectual author had another residence, intervening documentation and more interesting effects for the clarification of the facts.
At the same time, in a coordinated manner with this registry, in two locations in France, other domiciliary searches were conducted in which the intellectual author resided and the person who facilitated the logistics that made possible the attempted homicide (car, gun, ammunition, location of the victim, etc).
The detainees in Spain were placed at the disposal of the Central Court of Instruction number SEIS of the National Court, decreeing their entry into prison and their transfer to France.
For more information, contact the Communication Office of the Central Operating Unit at 91.503.13.27.


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