The Civil Guard detains 12 people belonging to an organization dedicated to trafficking in persons for the purpose of labor exploitation

6 people of Vietnamese nationality, victims of human trafficking by compatriots, have been released

7,500 marijuana plants have been seized in three narco / warehouses, cash and garden supplies used for the planting and care of marijuana plants

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the YANTAI operation, developed in the provinces of Toledo, Madrid, Segovia and Guadalajara, has proceeded to arrest 12 people of Vietnamese nationality between 25 and 48 years of age, belonging to an organization dedicated to trafficking in persons for the purpose of labor exploitation. In the operation, 6 people who were being exploited for work have been released. The detainees are charged with the alleged crimes against Trafficking in Human Beings, Public Health, fraud of electricity and document falsification.
Seven entries and searches have been made in warehouses and homes located in the towns of Sigüenza, Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Recas, Camarma de Esteruelas, Torrejón del Rey and Azuqueca de Henares, where 7,500 marijuana plants have been intervened, cash, as well as numerous effects used in marijuana cultivation tasks, such as pladul panels, fertilizers, fertilizers, electrical equipment, extraction and anti-odor system, carbon filters, etc.
The investigation began when the Civil Guard learned that some citizens of Asian origin had rented, under strange circumstances, an industrial warehouse in the LOS LLANILLOS industrial estate in the town of Sigüenza (Guadalajara).
For this reason, the agents began an operation around the warehouse, being able to verify that said warehouse was being used to grow and process marijuana plants. For this, the organization used compatriots who were devoid of their documentation, in order to prevent their free movement and force them to work without rest. It should be noted that the records found bedrooms fitted out in workplaces that lacked adequate living and hygiene conditions.
Once the marijuana was processed, the members used a vehicle to transport the drug in different industrial warehouses and homes located in Castilla la Mancha, Castilla León and the Community of Madrid.
The investigations, carried out by the agents, have made it possible to prove the existence of an organized and structured criminal organization, dedicated to the cultivation of large marijuana plantations and the trafficking of human beings for their exploitation, which harbored claims to extend the illicit business to other areas of the country.
Likewise, the structure of the organization was made up of a leader of Vietnamese origin. This person placed people of his trust in the highest echelons of the organization and in the lowest links compatriots who were deprived of their documentation in order to prevent them from contacting the outside.
Signify the importance of international cooperation, which is a key factor in the The success of these actions due to the transnational nature of the organized groups that capture, transfer and exploit their victims in different countries, both Member States of the European Union and third countries.
The Civil Guard works in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary way in the investigations of crimes that carry this modus operandi, increasingly common in criminal organizations operating in our country.
Likewise, the essential collaboration of Social Entities and NGOs is considered of vital importance to assist victims of trafficking and their subsequent recovery.
The operation has been carried out by members of the Guadalajara, Toledo, Segovia and Madrid Commanderies.
For any information related to this press release, you can contact the OPC of the Guadalajara Command at 949.24.79.83.


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