The Civil Guard detains 12 people in Andalusia for distributing illegal tobacco cut between Spain and Portugal

The dismantled organization, which operated in the provinces of Cádiz, Málaga, Seville, Córdoba and Granada, had the operational capacity to send 40,000 kilos of contraband chopped tobacco

The Civil Guard has already intervened almost 35 tons of sting and more than 26,000 packs of tobacco whose value exceeds 600,000 euros

They sent the orders they received online from different logistics centers

The Civil Guard has arrested 12 people in Andalusia for selling and distributing illegal tobacco in Spain and Portugal. The detainees are charged with the crimes of smuggling and belonging to a criminal organization. The Aromas del Bosque operation has concluded with the dismantling of this criminal group that operated in the provinces of Cádiz, Málaga, Seville, Córdoba and Granada.

After the searches carried out in these Andalusian provinces, the Civil Guard has intervened 34,800 kilos of chopped tobacco and more than 26,000 packs of tobacco, all contraband and valued at more than 600,000 euros.
The investigation began in 2019 following the seizure of 700 kilos of smuggled tobacco from Portuguese citizens in the Sierra de Cádiz. From here, civil guards from the Office of Analysis and Fiscal Investigation (ODAIFI) of Cádiz, verify that the investigated organization had ramifications in more provinces.
Investigators discover the illicit business in the shipment to different locations in Spain and Portugal of chopped tobacco and packs of tobacco from various commercial brands, the latter illegally introduced into our country from Gibraltar.

Online orders

To carry out the shipments, the organization made use of different industrial warehouses that were used as logistics and delivery centers, where the merchandise was accumulated. From there they finished preparing the tobacco work, dividing it into different quantities to make the shipments.
At the same time, smugglers were capturing customers through advertisements on online platforms for the sale of items between individuals, and by shipping through parcel companies.
The operational capacity of the organization was such that the investigators attributed to one of the detainees in Granada, the shipment of almost 15 tons of cut tobacco to Portugal -16 orders- and to different places in Spain -22 orders- in only in 10 months.
On the other hand, in a warehouse in Seville, the Civil Guard has found 600 kilos of tobacco cuttings and different equipment necessary for its processing, detaining the person who was in charge of it.
Another of the smugglers has been arrested in the Sierra de Cádiz, where the Civil Guard has made two searches in which it has detected the shipment of nine tons of illegal tobacco to Portugal.

Several logistics headquarters

In the province of Malaga, researchers have found 1,550 kilos of tobacco cuttings, scales, three large choppers, an elevator and packaging materials for parcel shipments in another organization warehouse. After dismantling this headquarters, one person has been arrested in Malaga and another in Cordoba.
In addition, in this intervention a total of 26,129 packs of smuggled cigarettes from Gibraltar were seized, with a value of 116,274 euros.
In total, in the searches carried out in the industrial buildings, the civil guards have seized a total of 34,800 kilos of chopped tobacco, five machines for chopping tobacco, three forklifts, 20 liters of flavoring substance with which they gave flavor to the main tobacco brands, a van that had been used for various shipments of already packaged tobacco, as well as various documentation.
The Aromas del Bosque operation has been supervised by the head of Mixed Court number 1 of the Arcos and developed by civil guards belonging to the Office of Analysis and Fiscal Investigation (ODAIFI) of the Civil Guard of Cádiz, being supported at different times of the operation by the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of Arcos de la Fra., ODAIFI Sevilla, ODAIFI Málaga and the Command of the Civil Guard of Córdoba.
For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard Command in Cádiz at 956 292 546.


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