The Civil Guard detains 36 people for introducing and distributing hashish in Malaga and Cádiz

To avoid police monitoring, devices to project fire-fighting dust were installed in the stolen vehicles, always of the same commercial brand.

More than 3 tons of hashish and 11 vehicles used for its transport have been seized

The Civil Guard, within the framework of Operation "Impassive", has dismantled a criminal organization that introduced and distributed large quantities of hashish along the coasts of Malaga and Cádiz and has arrested its 36 components, in addition 3,150 kilograms of hashish have been seized , a boat and 11 vehicles, 6 of them stolen, as well as state-of-the-art telecommunications systems.

Last March, Civil Guard agents began the investigation when they detected an unidentified boat sailing off the coast of Manilva (Malaga). After establishing a device for their intervention, the agents intervened in said boat 5 bundles of hashish with approximately 150 kilos, an SUV and 21 people are arrested.

The Civil Guard investigators with the information obtained as a result of this operation then managed to intervene in the towns of Estepona (Malaga) 42 bales of hashish with 1260 kilograms, 6 vehicles and 3 detainees and in the town of Barbate (Cádiz) in which involved 55 bales of hashish with 1,650 kilograms, 3 vehicles and numerous electronic devices and 7 detainees.

Once the investigators managed to identify all the members of the organization, another 5 members of the band were arrested, leaving it completely disjointed.

This organization was highly specialized and hierarchical, keeping the head of this criminal group a lieutenant in each province where they operated. The components of this organization took numerous security measures, restricting the use of private communications, used shuttle vehicles to move, decoy vehicles to interpose themselves between police vehicles and other vehicles for the specific transfer of hashish, the SUVs loaded with hashish in the They had installed a device to project fire-fighting powder to police vehicles, in case of escape.

For the extension or confirmation of any other information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Seville, at 630 900 403.


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