The Civil Guard detains 5 members of a network dedicated to the sale of sick dog puppies

They are charged with the crimes of animal abuse, document falsification, fraud and belonging to a criminal organization

The puppies fell ill with parvovirus within days of their sale, many of them dying shortly after

Three pet shops and a veterinary clinic have been registered in the towns of Seseña and Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo)

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the “Petshop” operation, has arrested five people in Toledo and investigated another three for the sale of dog puppies with diseases such as parvovirus (a virus that affects young canids from 6 weeks after losing maternal immunity), and for which a high number died within a few days.
They are charged with the crimes of animal abuse, falsification of documents, fraud and belonging to a criminal organization.
Records have been made in three pet stores and a veterinary clinic in the towns of Seseña and Casarrubios del Monte.
The Civil Guard has collected up to 35 complaints in relation to these events, there are several groups and platforms on social networks, in which almost 500 affected have been counted.
The first complaints came at the end of 2019, where it was revealed the existence of several shops specializing in the sale of dog puppies, many of them sick with parvovirus.
After that, the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Illescas Civil Guard began an investigation, in which they found that the organization was engaged in the purchase and sale of puppies, acquiring many of them in third countries. The newborn dogs came with the falsified age of origin, being younger than that indicated in the passport, because according to European regulations they cannot travel less than three months after birth.

Parvovirus mainly affects young dog puppies

Dog puppies need mother's milk in their first weeks of life, which serves as immunity and antibodies against this type of virus. When they arrived at the stores at such a young age, many of these animals had no defense capacity obtained from breastfeeding, making many of them sick and the vaccines given later were not effective.
The parvovirus mainly affects young dogs, producing bloody and smelly diarrhea, leading in many cases to the death of the animal due to physical wear and tear. Veterinary treatment seeks to alleviate the symptoms and strengthen the immune system so that the dog itself can fight the disease. Being young and lacking a strong enough defense to fight parvovirus, a high percentage of these puppies end up dying.
The agents have detected that these pet stores offered veterinary assistance in one of their clinics as a guarantee in their sale. The insufficient and incorrect veterinary treatment of the most serious puppies, not using good professional practice, caused an increase in the time the puppies were admitted to the clinic, with a greater risk to their health. All this, added to the already high health risk of transmission and the low isolation of the puppies, made it impossible to cut the continuous outbreaks of parvovirus and prevent the death of many of the animals.
The Civil Guard thanks the citizens for their collaboration and recalls that the emergency telephone number of the Civil Guard, 062, is available 24 hours a day. Likewise, the existence of the free mobile application ALERTCOPS is reported so that in case of any eventuality they can contact the State Security Forces and Bodies.
The operation has been carried out by agents belonging to the Seprona of the Illescas Civil Guard, who have had the collaboration of inspectors from the Castilla-La Mancha Community Board.
The proceedings have been brought to the attention of the Court of First Instance and Instruction of the Guard of Illescas and the investigations are still open, so they do not rule out new arrests.
For any information related to this press release, you can contact the OPC of the Toledo Command, on the phones 925.225.900 ext: 237 or 683.647.072.


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