The Civil Guard detains 64 people belonging to a criminal organization that distributed large amounts of marijuana throughout Europe

The head of the organization was kidnapped and murdered, a fact that is being investigated by the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Granada

The organization used to manufacture boxes for marijuana plantations, as well as to store money or processed marijuana

Half a ton of marijuana buds, a firearm, more than 5,000 plants, close to 100,000 euros and 7 high-end vehicles have been seized

The Civil Guard, within the framework of Operation DAORDERS, has dismantled a criminal organization that produced and transported large quantities of marijuana, whose main destination was Germany and Italy.

The Civil Guard learned of the existence of numerous marijuana crops in private homes located in different locations in the Granada metropolitan area. It was suspected that the production was being sold to a group of people, settled in Santa Fe, who led a high standard of living.
Once the operation began, it is known that the growers of those towns, and others close by, sold their marijuana crops directly to the leaders of the organization or through intermediaries. The sellers of the product took the marijuana to a house, guarded 24 hours a day, next to the house of one of the leaders, where the sales, storage and packaging arrangements were carried out.
The same people who guarded the house also carried out personal security tasks for one of the bosses. During the investigation, this leader of the organization disappears, and the next day his body appears, so the agents accelerate the investigations and carry out several entries and records to find out the causes of this person's death.
As a result of these records, and others made previously, it is verified that the organization had basements, which were accessed through hydraulic doors hidden in the floor of the buildings, to hide the plantations and marijuana buds, as well like weapons and money.
The operation has ended with the arrest of 64 components of this drug trafficking organization. Investigators have made a total of 7 searches, in which they have seized 5,500 plants, 95,675 euros, 7 high-end vehicles, a firearm and its ammunition, 1,342 lottery tickets and 501 kilograms of marijuana buds whose main destination was Germany and Italy.
For more information you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Seville, on the phone 630 900 403.


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