The Civil Guard detains a DAESH captor in Altea (Alicante)

The detainee developed his work of jihadist radicalization mainly on young people through the internet

The operation has been developed jointly with EUROPOL

He spent a large part of his time searching, editing, commenting and disseminating propaganda material of the terrorist organization

Agents of the Information Service of the Civil Guard, with the support of various units of the body and EUROPOL, carried out last Wednesday, October 20, the arrest in Altea (Alicante) of a Moroccan citizen for his alleged terrorist activities as a radicalizer and captor in favor of the terrorist group DAESH.

The joint action has made it possible to detect the activities that this person carried out through the internet to attract young people and radicalize them.

The detainee, a citizen of Moroccan origin born in 1970 and irregularly staying in Spain, is a militant by his own vocation of the terrorist organization Daesh. He spent much of his time searching, editing, commenting, and disseminating propaganda material for the terrorist organization.

The activity was carried out under the adoption of continuous security measures so as not to be detected by the security forces, identifying possible users of interest in social networks who were later redirected to private messaging applications in order to deepen the radicalization processes and provide them with digital content of the aforementioned terrorist organization.

These functions of radicalization over other people were materialized with the practice that he exercised daily from his home, and it could be considered that he was virtually integrated into Daesh. A form of cooperation in the framework of this terrorist threat that is considered as important as fighting in conflict zones or carrying out attacks in western countries.

The alleged captor fully shared the violent vision of Daesh and tried to share and spread it among the people he was addressing directly and privately. It should be noted that it had come to influence that the Coronavirus pandemic is a punishment against the West as Daesh has also spread through its usual propaganda means.

The early detection of radicalization processes in people who are under the influence of Daesh recruiters, both physically and virtually, is currently one of the greatest challenges faced by security forces due to the importance and risk that it can generate for the safety of the citizens of Spain.

The detainee has been brought to justice, having been ordered to enter provisional prison.

During the action, a second person allegedly radicalized by the recruiter was also arrested in order to verify his involvement in terrorist activities. After hearing his statement in court, he has been released.

Since the elevation to level 4 of the antiterrorist alert on June 26, 2015, the Civil Guard has reinforced all the operational devices and lines of investigation related to the terrorist threat, especially those on individuals immersed in a radicalization process that could lead to the displacement to a conflict zone or the commission of terrorist actions in the countries of residence, which currently represents one of the main threats to Western countries. This reinforcement has been intensified since the beginning of the pandemic due to the possibility that DAESH or another terrorist organization could take advantage of the health scenario

The investigation, which has been directed by the Central Court of Instruction No. 2 and the Prosecutor's Office of the National Court.


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