The Civil Guard detains a dangerous hit man in Malaga related to several homicides in the Netherlands and Spain

In our country it is related to the murder of a 46-year-old Colombian citizen, which occurred in the Malaga municipality of Mijas in 2016

The Dutch justice suspects that this person participated in the preparation of multiple murders in the Netherlands and considers him to be a member of a dangerous group of hitmen at the service of an international criminal organization

The arrest occurred while the investigated party was celebrating his birthday party in a pub in the town of Torremolinos (Málaga)

The Civil Guard has arrested in the province of Malaga, the Dutch citizen J.H.S, 31 years old and fled from the Dutch authorities, where he is accused of his connection with several murders that occurred in that country.

Also in Spain, it is related to the murder of a Colombian citizen that occurred in 2016 in an urbanization of Mijas (Málaga), where the deceased and his partner were approached by several individuals who shot them up to 12 times, causing the death of the man and leaving the woman badly injured despite receiving five bullet wounds.

For these events, the Civil Guard detained 4 people belonging to a group of hitmen from the Netherlands, who allegedly acted on behalf of the theft of a consignment of cocaine between criminal organizations.

The now detained, J.H.S, also participated in this crime, allegedly being the one who set a trap for the victims, by taking them to the point where they were assaulted.

"Mocro War"; war between drug mafias in the Netherlands

Likewise, according to the Dutch authorities, it is suspected that J.H.S. He was the facilitator of several murders in the Netherlands and was in direct contact with the perpetrators, providing them with information and weapons.

In the same way, they have reported that the detainee was allegedly part of the criminal organization led by Houssine Ait Soussan, responsible for the fight between rival organizations in different parts of the Netherlands for several years, and that for the Dutch authorities he has come to denominated as the "Mocro War", whose actions, extremely violent, are a serious problem for the authorities and society of that country.

As a result of the usual collaboration with the Dutch Politie, last June important information was received regarding the possible presence of JHS in our country, specifically in the area of ​​Mijas (Malaga), where the investigations began by the Team of Fled from Justice of the Central Operational Unit of the Civil Guard.

Birthday Party

After subjecting his most direct surroundings to a close surveillance, the agents obtained suspicions that the escapee frequented, among his few exits to the public thoroughfare, a pub in the town of Torremolinos.

Thus, coinciding with the anniversary date of the now detainee with the organization of a birthday party in the aforementioned place, the agents waited for the celebration of the same, with the correct assumption that it was in his honor, breaking into this once His presence verified and then proceeding to his arrest.

The investigation has been carried out by the UCO Escape from Justice Team, with the support of the Rapid Action Group (GAR) and members of OCON-SUR, as well as other units of the Malaga Command.

The detainee has been placed at the disposal of the Investigative Court number 2 of the National High Court.

For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Central Operational Unit (U.C.O.), telephone 91.503.13.27.


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