The Civil Guard detains a dog breeder for a crime of animal abuse

In the center there were 97 adult animals and 50 puppies of different breeds, some of them dangerous, with a license that covers the maximum holding of 75 dogs.

The facilities presented a deplorable aspect and lacked the minimum hygienic-sanitary conditions and animal welfare

The holding of 4 dogs has been withdrawn and the disqualification, withdrawal of the environmental license and final custody of all the animals has been requested

The Civil Guard, in the framework of the operation "CHENILBUR", has arrested in the province of Burgos to D.O.U. 28 years old, as alleged perpetrator of a crime of animal abuse, by omission to provide the necessary care to several dogs of his property.

SEPRONA agents inspected a dog breeding farm a few days ago to check the status of their facilities, verify that they comply with the proper hygienic sanitary and animal welfare conditions required under the regulations, vaccination, microchip implants and possession of potentially dangerous breeds.
The center presented a generalized dirtiness, depositions accumulated without removing along with remains of food on the ground, as well as a plague of parasites that compromised the health of many of the animals.
The different kennels, where rubble and construction material accumulated, were built with metal mesh, dangerously compromising the health of the dogs, due to the risk of drowning, and lacking adequate protection against rain, shaded areas and shelter, being exposed at extreme temperatures.

Overcrowding, dirt and diseases

The environmental license he had allowed him to own 75 animals, but in the presence of the owner it was found that 97 adult and 50 puppies were living, all of them of different breeds, some of them dangerous, and shared a room.
Many had skin diseases, one of them an obvious abdominal tumor without veterinary treatment; the majority with extreme thinness and dehydration, being the predominant note the dirt.
Deficient food based on bread and feed and the lack of drinking water have been proven. The analyzes carried out on the confiscated dogs showed severe anemia confirming the malpractice of the professional.
Four dogs have been removed to the breeder for a diagnosis and urgent treatment by a veterinary clinic.
The agents have requested from the corresponding Court the withdrawal of the property of all the dogs, as well as the disqualification of D.O.U. for the exercise of profession, trade or commerce that is related to animals and the closure of the installation and the revocation of the granted environmental license.
The operation, directed by the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Burgos, has been carried out by agents of the Seprona Section of the Civil Guard of Burgos, who have enjoyed the collaboration of the Environmental Prosecutor's Office of Burgos, Servicio de Livestock of the Junta de Castilla y León and the PROANBUR Association.

Recommendations when buying pets

  • When acquiring a pet you have to be aware that the animal will need our attention and will need care throughout its life.
  • We must request information about their real origin and ask for the sanitary passport in case it is imported.
  • Pay special attention to Internet sales at excessively low prices; It never hurts to perform a subsequent veterinary checkup.
  • Check that the microchip number and date of birth match the official health card that accompanies the animal, which will include: breed, pedigree, vaccines that have been applied and state of deworming, stamps of veterinary clinics and the number of the corresponding doctor.
  • Another option is the adoption or reception of dogs in animal protection associations.
For more information contact O.P.C. of Comandancia de Burgos, telephone 947244853, 947244664 and mobile 639300526, 669872112.


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