The Civil Guard detains a drug trafficker on the run in Seville for 10 months

The arrest occurred during a communion held in a restaurant in the town of La Algaba

The detainee ran through an orange grove until he was finally caught thanks to the drone and the civil guards who ran after him

The Civil Guard has arrested in La Algaba (Seville) a drug trafficker who had been on the run since July. The arrest took place during the celebration of a communion in a restaurant in which he participated as a guest. The detainee ran through some orange groves after detecting the presence of the Civil Guard in the restaurant. With the help of the drone, the civil guards of the device were able to find him and arrest him.

Operation ITÁLICA 29 LLORÓN, concluded in July with the arrest of more than 30 members of the criminal organization of the HERMANOS LANAS. The Civil Guard found more than five tons of hashish, two kilograms of cocaine, more than 30 vehicles, various firearms (including a Kalashnikov submachine gun) and more than 100,000 euros.

Since the day of the exploitation, one of the organization's leaders had been unaccounted for, D.J.C.M., alías CHACÓN, responsible for the organization's logistics infrastructure and cocaine trafficking.

Since then, this person lived on horseback between several Andalusian provinces to avoid his arrest, being an extremely elusive individual.

The Civil Guard had information about a family event in a well-known restaurant, located at the exit of La Algaba, where relatives of the fugitive were going to celebrate a communion.

Suspecting that he could attend it, an operation has been established by UOPJ Sevilla, OCON-SUR and GAR, with personnel at all entrances and on the perimeter of the place.

Plainclothes civil guards – so as not to interfere with the family celebration – have entered the place to proceed with the arrest.

As soon as he realizes that the agents were heading towards him, he jumps a high fence and runs off across the field, but shortly afterwards he is arrested by the Civil Guard.

For the extension or confirmation of any other information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Seville, at 630 900 403.


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