The Civil Guard detains a man accompanied by his daughter, whose disappearance was reported by her mother in Sweden

The detainee is weighed down by an indictment from the Swedish police authorities

The perseverance of the Civil Guard in the investigation of the whereabouts of father and daughter, have managed to locate the minor and the arrest of the father in record time

The father and the minor were staying in a hostel in the city, and were in possession of Syrian passports, possible destination of both

The minor, 7 years old, is in perfect health and is available to the Social Services of the Autonomous City of Melilla

The Melilla Civil Guard has located and detained a man of legal age, who had an indication in force by the International Order of search and detention for extradition purposes, issued by the Swedish authorities.

The International Order of an urgent nature also requested the location of a minor, daughter of the requisitioner, after the complaint filed by the mother in which she suspected the father's intention to take his daughter to Syria.

Start of the investigation by the UOPJ

The data communicated by Swedish authorities and confirmed through SIRENE ESPAÑA on the morning of August 10 of the current day, and in which a minor was involved, made the efforts and perseverance in locating the girl.

Received the message, the Group of People of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard began to carry out the field procedures to check if this person was still in Melilla. It is confirmed that father and daughter arrived in Melilla on July 10, 2020, by sea from Malaga.

Once the investigators learned that both had not left the city, they focused on tracking down shelters, shelters, rented flats, hostels, hotels, and even people of Syrian origin living in our city.

As a result of the various steps taken, it is confirmed that the detainee and his daughter were staying in a hostel in Melilla. A discreet surveillance device has been established by the UOPJ and they observe how father and daughter leave the hostel, at which time, separately, the identity of the man who was carrying two valid passports, one of Swedish nationality and the other, is checked of Syrian nationality, and proceeding to his arrest.

Once the father was arrested, steps were taken with the General Directorate of Minors of the Autonomous City of Melilla for the temporary reception of the minor, until the appropriate steps were taken with the Swedish authorities to carry out family reunification. with her mother.

The 41-year-old detainee, with dual Swedish and Syrian nationality, will be placed at the disposal of the Central Investigating Court of the National High Court acting as a Guard, which has ordered his admission to prison.

To complete this information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Melilla, on the phone 952.696.033 ext. 1112 or 1114.


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