The Civil Guard detains a man for proffering threats through Instagram by firing a weapon

It has been intervened a total of 5 weapons between detonators and compressed air

The video showed the detainee shooting saying "In this tutorial we are going to learn how to make your heavy neighbors shut up", while opening fire

The Civil Guard proceeded to the arrest of a neighbor of Carbajal de la Legua (León) for proffering threats to his neighbors through a video posted on the social network Instagram, which fired a gun twice while saying "In this tutorial we are going to learn how to make your heavy neighbors quiet"

The investigation began as soon as the agents had knowledge of the existence of this video published on Instagram, so an analysis of it was made, as well as the comments made by the different users.
Subsequently, investigations were conducted to identify the person behind said profile, resulting in a neighbor of Carbajal de la Legua (León), who according to the data provided by the Central Weapons and Explosives Intervention lacked licenses and weapons to his first name.
For this reason, the suspect was arrested who voluntarily surrendered the weapon used during the making of the video (which turned out to be a detonating weapon), as well as another four of compressed air he had in his home.
In addition to the foregoing, whenever the detainee did not have the corresponding authorization for the possession and use of a detonating weapon, the Lion Weapons Intervention proceeded to report the corresponding Weapon Regulations to the corresponding administrative infraction. .
The present investigation has been developed by the Judicial Police Team of the Civil Guard of Armunia, in coordination with the Weapons Intervention of the Commandery of León.


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