The Civil Guard detains a person for alleged sexual abuse of a minor and sexual assault on a woman

The detainee, a sentimental partner of the mother of the minor, fled the home where they lived after learning that he was going to be reported

He was located and detained in Malaga capital where he lived in a shack located in a wooded area with difficult access

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the "PARABRIS" operation, has detained a person for alleged continued sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 12 and sexual assault on a woman of legal age.

The investigation began after the agents learned of two complaints received on November 27 and December 9 for sexual abuse of a minor and a sexual assault.

The minor, 12 years old, confirmed to the agents the sexual abuse she had suffered for at least 2 years by her mother's sentimental partner who took advantage of her absence for work reasons to commit the abuse.

The victim's mother, hours before formalizing the complaint, contacted the alleged perpetrator, to whom she told that she was going to report the abuse of her daughter, fleeing from the home where they were living in a hurry.

The second complaint was made by a woman who stated that she had been sexually assaulted in the home of the alleged perpetrator when they had met to talk, forcing her without her consent with violence and intimidation.

From the testimonies of both victims, the agents were able to verify that it is the same perpetrator in both crimes, initiating the steps to locate him.

After numerous investigations, the aggressor was located and detained in Malaga capital where he lived in a shack located in a wooded area with difficult access, frequented by numerous homeless people.

The detainee had undergone an extraordinary change in physical complexion during the month and a half that he had been on the run that made his visual recognition practically impossible. In addition, after his arrest the agents verified that he had documentation of another person to avoid being identified.

The detainee, who has been accused of the crimes of continuous sexual abuse of minors and sexual assault, was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority that decreed his entry into prison.

The operation has been carried out by agents of the Vélez Málaga Civil Guard Company.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office (OPC) of the Command of the Civil Guard of Malaga, on the phone 952071539.


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