The Civil Guard detains a violent Romanian citizen wanted in his country for a crime of murder

The detainee had recently been declared in absentia by the Romanian authorities, accused of ending the life of a person by using a baseball bat

The arrest has occurred in the municipality of Manzanares (Ciudad Real), where he was hiding in different farms carrying out pastoral work

The Civil Guard, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior of the Romanian Embassy in Spain, has arrested SIV, a 29-year-old Romanian citizen in Manzanares (Ciudad Real), accused by the authorities of his country of a crime of murder, having ended the life of a person using a baseball bat.

These events occurred in the year 2011, when after a dispute involving a relative of the now detained, he agreed to the victim's home together with another person with the intention of revenge. Once inside the house, both beat the victim with a baseball bat until he was killed.
For these facts, S.I.V abruptly left his country to Spain, where he hid among the Romanian community of the Manchego municipality of Manzanares, set to work for a local farmer.

VOICU operation

The investigation was initiated after receiving the Justice Flee Team of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, a communication from the Romanian Authorities, informing of the possible displacement of the flight to our country, requesting collaboration for its location, identification and detention.
In this way, components of the aforementioned Team of Fleets, moved to the town of Manzanares, and with the support of Civil Guard Units attached to that Company of the Comandancia de Ciudad Real, they managed to locate the detainee in a farm in which I had been working for a few months. Having knowledge of the conviction in his country, S.I.V asked his managers to transfer him to the farm where he was finally located, far away from any population center, with clear intention to hide.
The detainee has been made available to the Central Court of Instruction number 1 of the National Court which has decreed his entry into prison pending extradition.


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