The Civil Guard detains an alleged 26-year-old jihadist in Tenerife

The detainee, a native of Mauritania, shared propaganda videos on WhatsApp and Telegram made by producers related to DAESH

The images showed executions of extreme violence, techniques for the execution of attacks and murders, as well as detailed manuals for the manufacture of explosive devices

In an operation carried out by agents of the Information Service of the Civil Guard, under the direction of the Central Court of Instruction No. 3 and the Prosecutor's Office of the National Court, which has also had the support of EUROPOL, a man of 26, a native of Nouadhihou (Mauritania) who responds to the initials YTO, as the alleged perpetrator of terrorist glorification and indoctrination crimes.
Through the mass consumption of the propaganda produced by various terrorist groups, especially the DAESH, the detainee would have internalized the most violent postulates of these groups, justifying and praising their attacks against the “non-believers”, for which the West is responsible and calling to Muslims to armed struggle.
Beyond the interest shown in the propaganda and activities of the terrorist groups, the detainee actively sought content with a high level of operational detail, among which are very detailed manuals for the manufacture of homemade explosives, such as the TATP -explosive known as the Satan's mother, or techniques for executing attacks and murders.
A home registry is being carried out to locate the devices used by the detainee to connect to the Internet, as well as other evidence that clearly establishes their activities and the network of contacts through which they shared the propaganda material of terrorist content.
It is also planned to take a statement, as witnesses, to several people in the immediate environment of the detainee. Details are expected to allow researchers to move forward in the discovery of the network of accounts and contacts with whom they avoided control of their radical activities.
From the elevation to level 4 of the anti-terrorism alert, the Civil Guard has enhanced all investigations related to this type of propaganda, radicalization and recruitment structures, especially in the field of new technologies and with special importance in those connections between individuals resident in Spain and other people residing in countries around us, reinforcing international police cooperation.


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