The Civil Guard detains an Icelandic citizen for alleged sexual abuse of eight minors

The arrested man, who has a criminal record for pedophilia in his country of origin dating back to 1988, has entered prison

He gained the trust of the children and offered them small financial rewards

A mobile phone and laptop containing pornographic and pedophile material have been seized

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the ‘Paseadores’ operation, has arrested a 59-year-old Icelandic citizen as the alleged perpetrator of eight crimes of sexual abuse, committed against minors in the municipality of Torrepacheco (Murcia). The detainee, who has been admitted to prison, had a criminal record for pedophilia in his country of origin dating back to 1988, when he was convicted of having had sexual relations with four children.

The Civil Guard began the investigation by denouncing several families that their children, minors, could have been the object of sexual abuse by an Icelandic citizen, a neighbor of a Torrepacheco district, since the summer of 2020.
Civil Guard agents managed to identify, locate and arrest the suspect, a citizen of Icelandic origin, who has had a mobile phone and a laptop intercepted in which pornographic and pedophile material has been located. The detainee always used the same modus operandi to approach his victims and gain their trust. When he already maintained a certain friendly bond with them, he offered them small financial rewards to try to sexually abuse them.
The Civil Guard has requested the collaboration of INTERPOL to check if there are pending cases with international justice since investigators have been able to find out that the detainee has resided in several Latin American countries in recent years.
The operation has been coordinated by the Court of Instruction number 4 of San Javier (Murcia) and developed by agents of the Civil Guard of the Murcia Command.
For more information, you can contact the Murcia Civil Guard's Peripheral Communication Office on 968 242 746.


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