The Civil Guard detains in Las Rozas the alleged perpetrators of several robberies committed with violence

The detainees assaulted young women using extreme violence to rob them

One of the victims has had to undergo surgery

Civil Guard agents have managed to identify and detain the two alleged perpetrators of three robbery crimes committed in violence, perpetrated in the downtown area of ​​Las Rozas (Madrid).

The investigations began at the end of last October, when the agents initiated the investigations to locate the aggressors of a young woman who was attacked by two men who used great physical violence to steal the personal effects she was carrying, (mobile phone and wallet with money and documentation of the victim).
Parallel to the investigations, the Civil Guard received during the last week in the barracks of the Civil Guard of Las Rozas two more complaints, where the report of the victims was very similar to the previous one, highlighting that due to the violence used by the authors of the robbery, one of the victims has had to undergo surgery.
After being able to identify the alleged perpetrators, the agents managed to proceed with the arrest of the perpetrators by prosecuting three crimes of robbery with violence. One of the stolen mobile phones was located in the home registry.
The detainees are two Paraguayan citizens, aged 23 and 31, who have their residence in Las Rozas and Majadahonda, and who have a record for similar events.
The operation has been developed by agents belonging to the Research Area of ​​Las Rozas.
For more information, you can contact the Communication Office of the Civil Guard Command of Madrid, at 918073902 or 696909741.


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