The Civil Guard detains one of the largest drug traffickers in Belgium claimed by that country

In his country of origin, he is considered the leader of a criminal organization dedicated to the extraction of large quantities of cocaine from the port of Antwerp (Belgium) and directly linked to arms trafficking

The Civil Guard has arrested in Almuñécar (Granada) the Belgian citizen Y.M.W, 33 years old, claimed by the Belgian authorities for drug trafficking crimes and membership in a criminal organization.

The investigation began last June, when Belgium requested the location of the now detained for drug trafficking offenses and membership in a criminal organization, all directly related to arms trafficking.
In this way, the Federal Police of Belgium informed the Civil Guard that YMW was considered one of the most responsible for a criminal organization dedicated to the extraction of large shipments of cocaine from the Belgian port of Antwerp that was later distributed by the rest of the continent. In addition, personnel of this organization were directly linked to the trafficking of weapons of war at the international level.
For all these reasons, the Civil Guard began last summer an exhaustive investigation for its location, which directed the investigators to the Malaga municipality of Estepona, where this person lived with his family in a luxurious villa away from the urban center and difficult access.
Subsequently, in October, a European Arrest and Surrender Order was issued by Belgian judicial authorities and, at the time it came into force, YMW hastily fled the home, prompting investigators to suspect that this person had inside information that could help his escape.
In keeping with the foregoing, the agents were able to verify that Y.M.W's daughter had been left in charge of his parents in Estepona and they were taking care of her, thus avoiding any contact with the fledgling.

Christmas family reunion

Given the proximity of Christmas dates and a possible family reunion, the agents established a close and discreet surveillance on the parents of YMW, which paid off on December 23, when they went to the province of Granada, specifically to the municipality of Almuñecar, where the escapee was located in one of the most exclusive areas of the province, once again living in a luxurious village with practically impossible access.
Once this house was located, members of the Escape Team of the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard, established a surveillance device around it, arresting the fugitive at the moment he left for a viewpoint in the area on an electric scooter .
When making the arrest, the fugitive did not put up any resistance, being perfectly aware of the charges against him in his country of origin and stating that he suspected that he was undergoing strong police pressure, which is why he conscientiously concealed himself.
The detainee was placed at the disposal of the Investigative Court No. 5 of the National High Court, which decreed his admission to prison pending his extradition to Belgium.

Team of Fleeing Justice of the Civil Guard

Since its creation in 2015, the Justice Fleeing Team, part of the Civil Guard's Central Operative Unit, has carried out numerous arrests in our country of criminals fleeing justice from other countries and always in close collaboration with the police forces of the country concerned.

Among others, the detention in 2018 of DD H, one of the most wanted pedophiles in Europe, stands out, who after his arrest in Granada by this Team and subsequent extradition to the United Kingdom, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for the crimes of sexual assault committed on two minors.
On the other hand, the detention in 2019 in the neighboring country of Portugal after an investigation by the Team of Escapees from Justice of AM, an international criminal of Israeli nationality claimed by the Colombian judicial authorities, led to the fall of one of those most responsible for human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the South American country.
There are video images of this operation in the following link:


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