The Civil Guard detains the alleged perpetrator of the violent attack on two women in Cártama (Málaga)

Five other people have been arrested as alleged collaborators

The detainees were part of their family environment or the group of suspected criminals to which they belonged

The investigation to find the whereabouts of the alleged perpetrator of the attack, known as "El Melillero" has focused on the control of his closest circle, both family and criminal. This person and his environment had numerous records of drug trafficking and other crimes.

The device required the coordination of a large Civil Guard device due to the number of collaborators and infrastructure to be controlled. Getting to participate more than 200 agents.

During the operation, the Civil Guard agents managed to locate the suspect driving a motorcycle scooter in the area. In his attempt to evade the agents "El Melillero" hit one of the Civil Guard vehicle that was following him. In this escape, he had the help of another person who was accompanying him with another motorcycle of similar characteristics to try to mislead and avoid any police force.

During the pursuit, the detainee abandoned the motorcycle and continued his escape on foot, taking advantage of the terrain and the low light conditions.

The Civil Guards deployed surrounded the area completely to prevent it from leaving it, at the same time that a search of the land began. This raid allowed the center of the construction where "El Melillero" was hiding, who was accompanied at that time by two other people who supported him in his escape.

Once his exact whereabouts were known, the Civil Guards managed to arrest him, as well as the two people who accompanied him. Another group of Civil Guards proceeded to arrest the rest of the people who had facilitated the concealment and flight of the aggressor.

The operation is still open and new actions are not ruled out.


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