The Civil Guard detains the Guide of a diving center for a homicide by serious negligence in Gran Canaria

This is the diver who made a dive in the Soo Yang wreck of Puerto de la Luz that was rescued dead by the Group of Underwater Activities Specialists of the Civil Guard

The investigation results in the existence of professional malpractice on the part of the dive guide, being the technical director of the diving company that carried out the activity, which would have incurred several recklessness

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the NARCOTIS operation, have arrested a 45-year-old person as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of homicide due to gross negligence, thus clarifying the causes of the death of a 27-year-old woman who was trapped after dive in the outer area of ​​the Reina Sofía dock in the ports of La Luz and Las Palmas, in an area or area of ​​sunken wrecks called "narcotics".

Investigation, technical reports and detention

The events occurred on October 10 when the Group of Underwater Activities Specialists (GEAS) of the Civil Guard was alerted to the rescue of a female diver who had disappeared inside the sunken Soo Yang wreck, in the area called "narcotics" , where a group of recreational divers, led by a guide, accessed.

For this reason, the agents began an investigation in which they detected different illegalities, apart from verifying that the group of divers lacked specific mandatory planning according to the regulations, for conducting pre-dive diving that included a risk assessment; in which, among other things, the place, depth, time, air consumption and above all the experience and qualifications of the diver should have been taken into account. Even so, the dive was carried out exceeding the depth greater than that allowed and inside a wreck, which due to its technical characteristics carries extreme risks that require experience, training, skill and specific equipment.

On the other hand, the agents were able to verify that the corresponding evacuation plan was not activated according to the manifestations made in the investigation, specifically when they had ascended to the surface without the rest of the group making the corresponding security stop, being knowledgeable by their professional trajectory of that if they ascended without stopping, it endangered the lives of the other divers.

For this reason, the agents proceeded to arrest the guide and technical director of a diving training center in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, as well as the local police precinct for the corresponding expert opinion for the alleged responsibility of a homicide due to serious negligence .

Complex and dangerous rescue

The GEAS components carried out a very complicated and dangerous maneuver when they had to access the interior of the ship, in which on the first day they located the body of the deceased diver located in an area of ​​difficult access with narrow passages. To all this, we must add the amount of silt that was raised by the passage of any diver, a circumstance that caused extreme disorientation causing the loss of the exit even if it was a few centimeters away.

Even with this, the GEAS components in the second dive carried out, located the lifeless body inside the wreck sunk more than 30 years ago, which rests on a seabed 41 meters deep, keel position in the sun where in Inside there are only rusty and sharp metal structures.

With this location, the agents made two more dives the next day to recover and extract the body and all its diving equipment that were in an area of ​​difficult access. A complex maneuver in which the GEAS agents advanced to the outside on their backs to minimize the continuous hookups and obstacles in narrow passages.

Likewise, the same diving specialists from the Civil Guard who had to act to search, locate and recover the body of the diver, witnessed the risks implicit in this dive, which was absolutely outside the parameters of recreational diving.

The operation has been developed by the Homicide Team – Persons of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police (UOPJ) and the Special Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS).

For more details, you can contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard Command of Las Palmas, contact telephone number 928 320 400, extension 206.


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