The Civil Guard detains the leader of one of the most active criminal organizations in Northeast France

6 people have been arrested and 590 kilograms of hashish, a handgun, 24,000 euros in cash and numerous high-end vehicles have been seized

This organization had created an important logistics structure for the distribution of narcotic drugs in several European countries, having established its nerve center in the French city of Reims

The now detainee was a regular on the Costa del Sol from where he coordinated much of the criminal activity of this criminal organization

The Civil Guard, in the so-called MORBIER operation, carried out jointly with the Investigation Sections of the French National Gendarmerie of the cities of Reims and Nancy, have completely dismantled, which has been considered by the French authorities, the organization most active criminal in northwestern France in terms of drug trafficking.

Police and judicial collaboration

The success of this operation lies mainly in the excellent collaboration, both police and judicial, between Spanish and French authorities, coordinated directly by EUROPOL.
On the part of the French authorities, this investigation began at the beginning of last year, when thanks to the analysis carried out by the Center for the Fight against Digital Crime of the National Gendarmerie, it was possible to identify a criminal group dedicated to drug trafficking , specifically of large quantities of hashish introduced into France from Morocco through Spain, which would supposedly be closing its criminal activities in the province of Malaga.
Judicially, the Public Prosecutor of Nancy (France), opened a judicial investigation “for the acts of importation of narcotics by organized gangs, drug trafficking and money laundering.” The investigations were entrusted to the investigation sections of Nancy and Reims, while the Territorial Directorate of the Judicial Police of Nancy was in charge of carrying out the investigation of Money Laundering.

Possible infrastructure on the Costa del Sol

For all these reasons, the Team against Organized Crime (ECO) of the Central Operational Unit based in Malaga, assumed the investigation in our country, focusing its efforts on locating the possible infrastructure that this organization could have on the Costa del Sol.
After several months of complex surveillance on those investigated and their environment, who spent long periods in the province of Malaga, the agents of the Central Operational Unit managed to locate the address where the leader of the organization himself was staying on his trips.
In this way, at the end of last January there were several actions that precipitated the police intervention, which was carried out in a coordinated manner in France and Spain.
For example, in the city of Reims (France), an operation carried out by the Investigation Sections of the Gendarmerie of Reims and Nancy, supported by intervention groups, seized 590 kilograms of Cannabis resin inside two vehicles of the organization.

Luxury penthouse in the town of Marbella (Málaga)

Simultaneously, in Malaga, an operation was established by the ECO of Malaga supported by agents of the Rapid Action Group (GAR) of the Civil Guard to proceed to the arrest of the leader of the organization under investigation, who was in Marbella at the time. in an attic of a luxury urbanization.
This arrest was carried out within the framework of a European Arrest and Surrender Order, which is scheduled to be made available to the French authorities in the coming weeks.
The actions in both countries resulted in the arrest of 6 people of French nationality and the practice of 8 entries and registration in both countries, including the residence of the leader of the organization in Malaga, in which 590 kilograms of resin were intervened. hashish packed in bales, a firearm, 24,000 euros in cash and five vehicles, two of which were listed as stolen.
In Spain, the international investigation was directed by the Special Anti-Drug Prosecutor's Office through its International Legal Cooperation Section, in close collaboration with agents of the Civil Guard specialized in the fight against organized crime based in Malaga from the Central Operational Unit.


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