The Civil Guard detains the person in charge of a dog kennel and a veterinarian for cutting the vocal cords of the animals

About 500 dogs of different breeds have been intervened, of which ten of them showed clear symptoms that their vocal cords had been cut

Twenty-one dogs were also found to have been microchipped from other dogs

This operation is related to another one last November where SEPRONA discovered a clandestine kennel that also cut the vocal cords of the dogs

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the Taciturn operation, carried out in Granada, has proceeded to the arrest of the person in charge of a dog kennel in the municipality of Santa Fe, and of a Granada veterinarian, who had mutilated ten dogs that he had the sale by cutting their vocal cords. About 500 dogs of different breeds have been intervened in the operation.

This operation is related to the investigations carried out on November 21, 2020 in Vegas del Genil (Granada), where agents of the Nature Protection Service discovered a clandestine kennel where they also cut the vocal cords of Pomeranian dogs Russian and Maltese Bichon.
In this operation, the agents discovered a dog kennel in which there were ninety-eight dogs of different breeds: Poodles, Pomeranians, Chihuahua, Maltese Bichon and Spitz, apparently well cared for and in good health; and that some of them couldn't bark because their vocal cords had been cut off.
Continuing with the investigations, the Seprona agents discovered, on the one hand, that some of the intervened dogs belonged or had belonged to a kennel in Santa Fe; and on the other hand that the clandestine breeder had previously worked in said hatchery.
With these data, the agents decided to inspect the Santa Fe kennel together with three veterinary inspectors from the Regional Agrarian Office of the latter town, discovering 479 dogs of different breeds, ten of which showed clear symptoms that their vocal cords had been cut. .
Thanks to the collaboration of the College of Veterinarians of Granada, the dogs suspected of having been mutilated were transferred to a veterinary clinic in Santa Fe to be examined by the titular veterinarian and it was checked whether they had been cordectomized.
Veterinary reports determined that all ten dogs examined had their vocal cords severed. It should be noted that cordectomy is a surgical practice that requires general anesthesia, exhaustive knowledge of anatomy, surgery and pharmacology, and that if it is not carried out by a veterinarian and with a therapeutic purpose, it would therefore be an intrusive practice. professional and animal abuse.
On the other hand, the Civil Guard has discovered that twenty-one dogs had been implanted with the microchip of other dogs. This practice is intended to provide legal coverage to animals of unknown origin and this can only be done by a veterinarian.
The alleged perpetrators are charged with ten crimes related to the protection of flora and fauna for animal abuse and twenty-one crimes of falsification of documents. Likewise, the owner of the kennel is charged with a crime of professional intrusion upon discovering that he had worked as a veterinarian without being one.
The intervened dogs have been brought to justice at the kennel's own facilities.
To complete this information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Granada, at 958.185419.


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