The Civil Guard detains two alleged pedophiles who contacted minors through online games

They are charged with the crimes of sexual abuse and corruption of minors (production, possession and distribution of child pornography)

One of them was a school teacher who had abused three young minors, who were the children of his friends.

They have been detained in the provinces of Jaén and Madrid

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the NOFOR operation, has detained in the provinces of Jaén and Madrid two alleged pedophiles, aged 24 and 50, who contacted minors through online games. They are charged with the crimes of sexual abuse and corruption of minors (production, possession and distribution of child pornography).

The operation began at the end of last year after receiving two complaints, in which the parents of two minors, ages 8 and 9, stated that apparently their children were maintaining contact with an adult through their video game consoles when they played to a famous online game.
Once the investigations began, it was found that the person who had contacted them repeatedly asked them to send him nude photographs of themselves, in exchange for virtual gifts from online gambling.
The agents also verified that there was a third minor, with whom the adult also had contact, with whom he had even made an appointment to meet in Jaén capital, although this meeting was frustrated, when the father decided to accompany the minor.
At the end of January 2021, one of those involved was arrested in Jaén, from whom various computer and telephone equipment was seized.
After analyzing the intervened material, it was found that it accumulated in the cloud, almost 2,000 videos of child pornography of great crudeness, in which sexual assaults on very young minors are seen, as well as more than 10,000 photographs of child pornography.

The detainee had pedophile material from his own minor brother

It was also found that 5 other minors, males, other than the complainants, sent him photographs and videos showing their genitals, one of these minors being a brother of the detainee, who resided in a different province, and which is even being investigated possible sexual abuse, taking advantage of the alleged perpetrator's trips to the brother's residence.
Likewise, it was found that said person was in contact with other pedophiles, with whom he exchanged files of child pornography through messaging applications using the mobile phone terminal.
From the contacts that the detainee had, the agents focused their investigation on a male, residing in Spain and who was found to be a school teacher. Photographs and videos of at least three very young minors that the teacher had taken and that had been sent to the detainee in the province of Jaén were found. The teacher allegedly had sexually abused the minors, according to the information obtained.
After a laborious investigation, it was possible to identify this person, in the case of a 50-year-old man living in Madrid, as well as the identity of the three minors he had abused, 5, 7 and 9 years old, who they were the children of friends of the alleged perpetrator.
The parents of the aforementioned minors were the first to be surprised, when the Civil Guard informed them of the events that occurred, identifying their children in the photographs and videos that were shown to them, not being able to give credit, since the detainee was fully trust from them.
This detainee has been intercepted telephone material, computers, tablets and pen drives, which are being analyzed, not ruling out that there may be more victims.
The operation, directed by the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 3 of Andújar (Jaén), has been carried out by agents belonging to the EMUME (Minor Women Team) of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Command of the Civil Guard of Jaén .
has been the one who has conducted the investigation of the case, being the Court of Instruction No. 33 of Madrid, which has ordered the imprisonment of the detained teacher, charging him with the Crimes of Sexual Abuse and Corruption of Minors (production, possession and distribution of Child Pornography).
The operation is still open, and EMUME is taking steps with INTERPOL, as there is a lot of information available related to other pedophiles residing in several countries, who maintained contact with the detainees, in order to identify and arrest them. in their respective countries.

Tips for minors Internet access

  • Parents must control the access that their minor children have on the Internet, either in the way they do (playing with video consoles, through mobile applications, with computers, etc.).
  • There are parental control programs that can be installed on the different devices thus having knowledge of where the minors are connected.
  • It is convenient to restrict schedules, programs, web, etc. where minors can connect.


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