The Civil Guard detains two people for robbing three banks in Navarra and Zaragoza

The robbers accessed the branches with a simulated firearm, intimidated employees and customers, and locked them in the bathroom when they already obtained the money

The detainees, who have already entered prison, got a loot amounting to 15,000 euros

The Civil Guard has arrested two men who had robbed two banks in Navarra and one in Zaragoza. The detainees entered the branches with a simulated firearm with which they intimidated employees and customers to obtain the money. Once they succeeded – they stole up to 15,000 euros – they locked the victims in the bathroom.

The Black Mask operation began in June of last year, when one of the detainees accessed the bank branch in the town of Buñuel (Navarra). This person intimidated the director and managed to carry 5,400 euros in a bag. Before fleeing, the robber locked up the three workers who were on the scene at the time in the bathroom.
In October, there was a robbery identical to the previous one, but this time in the town of Corella (Navarra). A man accessed a bank with his face covered and a short weapon, locking the witnesses in the bathroom before leaving with the 6,000 euros of the loot.
Investigators were able to identify the perpetrators – with a history for similar events – thanks to several witnesses who saw them flee in a vehicle and to security cameras.

Planned arrest

In the last robbery that they have carried out in Magallón (Zaragoza), the investigators observed how one of them fled at high speed in his vehicle. With the support of the Citizen Security Unit (USECIC) of the Zaragoza Civil Guard, the established device concluded with the arrest of this person.
At the time of the arrest, the detainee was carrying a simulated handgun, a large dagger and a bag with 3,965 euros inside, coinciding with the exact amount that had been stolen.
In addition, inside the vehicle, the civil guards located the clothing with which the perpetrator of the events entered the branch to commit the events, as well as two mobile phones.
The visualization of security cameras, as well as the search carried out in the author's home, have facilitated the second arrest.
The investigation has been carried out by the Team of crimes against the Patrimony of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard in Navarra.


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