The Civil Guard detains two people for the death and mistreatment of the dogs of the kennel in Madrid

The main investigated offered the service of collecting the animal at home, to prevent the owners from being aware of the deplorable conditions of the facilities

SEPRONA found two dead dogs and five others in a state of dehydration during the inspection

The Civil Guard has detained two people and is investigating a third as the perpetrators of the death of two dogs and the mistreatment of five other dogs in a residence in El Álamo (Madrid). They are also charged with a crime of fraud.

The investigation arose in mid-August when a complaint was filed at the Navalcarnero Civil Guard headquarters regarding the disappearance of a dog and the death of two others in strange conditions in an alleged canine residence.

In the inspection carried out by SEPRONA, the agents verified the state of semi-abandonment in which the animals were found, lacking water and food despite the heat wave.

Two dead dogs and five seriously dehydrated were also found. The recovered dogs have been transferred to a center in the Community of Madrid to be cared for and subjected to different treatments and to be returned to their owners.

Regarding licenses, the Civil Guard has detected that the local animal protection center was being used illegally for use as a canine residence, lacking any authorization or municipal control.

The progress of the investigation has made it possible to know that the man who managed it always operated in the same way, offering canine accommodation via internet and telephone, and that he traveled to the homes of the animals to pick them up, thus preventing the owners from being knowledgeable of the circumstances and facilities in which they left their pets.

Researchers have also verified how it required customer payments via bizum, paying daily fees for the care of their animals that ranged between seven and 15 euros.

During the past years 2018 and 2019, SEPRONA agents in different inspections detected and processed administrative infractions related to the poor condition of the facilities, lack of documentation and irregularities in the control of animals to the Municipality of the municipality.

For further information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard in Madrid, telephone 918 073 902 or 696 909 741 ..


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