The Civil Guard detains two women related to the death of an octogenarian

The events occurred in mid-February when these two people tricked the old man with false sexual proposals and gave him drugs to make him sleepy.

They are attributed the alleged responsibility of the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation and homicide

After robbing him, they transferred him in his vehicle to an isolated area of ​​San Javier where they left him abandoned more than 10 kilometers from his home, dying two days after his hospital admission

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the ‘Chavito’ operation, carried out in the province of Murcia, has clarified the death of an old man, which occurred last February, who had been the victim of a robbery with violence and intimidation. The operation culminated in the arrest of two women who are allegedly responsible for the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation and murder.

The investigation began when the Civil Guard learned of the death of an elderly man in a hospital in San Javier, two days after being the victim of a robbery with violence and intimidation in a hamlet of Torrepacheco (Murcia).

For this reason, the agents collected all kinds of evidence to clarify what happened and identify the perpetrators of the robbery, which allowed them to know the chronology of the events.

They abandoned him 10 kilometers from his home

On the day of the events, the old man was taking a walk when he was approached by two women with proposals of a sexual nature. After this, they transferred him to a rural area of ​​San Javier, more than 10 kilometers from his home, where they gave him numbing drugs and abandoned him after taking his money.
From that place, away from inhabited areas and with little vehicle traffic, he walked until he reached a secondary road where he was assisted by a driver who notified the medical services of 112. Due to his physical condition he was transferred to a hospital in San Javier, where he died, two days later.
Suspecting that his death could be related to this event, the Civil Guard requested judicial authorization to exhume the body and obtain detailed information on the cause of death.
On the other hand, the inquiries made allowed the identification of two young people, residents of Torrepacheco – one of them with a police record for similar crimes – presumably related to robbery with violence and intimidation, for which they proceeded to enter and search their homes , where several drugs similar to those that could have been supplied to the victim were located.

Other possible cases

As a result of the investigation carried out, the Civil Guard has found that another resident of Los Alcázares was the victim of those now detained for similar events, appearing asleep at his home without knowing how he had arrived.
The detainees and the proceedings carried out have been handed over to the Investigating Court number 6 of San Javier (Murcia), whose owner has ordered their entry into prison.
The Civil Guard recommends to possible victims, who feel identified with the description of these events, that they do not hesitate to make the corresponding complaint or call 968 23 45 65, extension 270.


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