The Civil Guard dismantled an organization specialized in robberies in inhabited houses that acted throughout the national territory

It has arrested 13 people (4 Spanish and 9 foreign nationality), for the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, money laundering, forgery, vehicle theft, misappropriation and theft with force

Numerous criminal acts have been clarified in the provinces of Soria, Segovia, Madrid, Cuenca, Toledo and Huelva

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the operation CERBERO-IDUA, has dismantled a criminal organization specializing in the commission of robberies in homes, banks, service stations, warehouses, companies and educational centers in different provinces of the national territory.

The operation was initiated after learning that several robberies had occurred in homes in Soria and vehicle theft in the town of Almazán (Soria). Once the agents verified that the alleged perpetrators were based in Madrid, a joint operation was coordinated between the Commanders of the Civil Guard of Soria and Madrid in order to establish the connections and identities of those responsible for the facts investigated, as well as fix a possible place of residence of the same.

During the investigation, the commission of an important number of criminal acts of the same nature was detected in the provinces of Soria, Segovia, Madrid, Cuenca, Toledo and Huelva.

After establishing a surveillance device for members of the network, on July 2 the agents made 8 home searches in the provinces of Madrid and Toledo, where 2 vehicles, a large amount of money, jewelry, bags, false documents intervened , tools, and mobile phones of high and low range, the latter employed as a means of communication in the coordination between the members of the network, getting rid of them once the crime has been consummated.

In addition, 13 people have been arrested (4 Spanish and 9 foreign nationals), all of them with criminal records, who are charged with the alleged crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, money laundering, forgery, vehicle theft, appropriation. undue and robbery with force.

They came to travel more than 1,000 kilometers in a day to study their goals

From Madrid, where they resided although without a fixed address, they moved to different provinces of the national territory, where they rented hotel rooms or apartments to study the scenarios where they subsequently committed robberies. It has been proven that in a single day they could travel more than 1,000 kilometers.

Once the objective was set, they traveled to the site using renting vehicles or with foreign or forged license plates. They also wore dark clothes and sports shoes, as well as gloves and hats or balaclavas to hide their faces. To force or open the doors used ladders, radials, clubs, axes, frequency inhibitors, elements of opening of door locks, thermal lances, etc., which have been intervened.

The economic valuation of the stolen effects is estimated to exceed one million euros. Among the criminal actions perpetrated is the robbery with force inside homes, reaching to subtract in one of them jewelry and money valued at over 200,000 euros.

The proceedings and the detainees have been made available to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Almazán (Soria).


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