The Civil Guard dismantled an organization that stole ATMs with a pen truck

Seven persons have been arrested and charged with the responsibility of 9 crimes of robbery with force in ATMs, 7 crimes of theft / robbery of motor vehicle use, 1 crime of falsification of license plates and 1 crime of belonging to a criminal group

The network was approaching the selected cashier and placed some slings or lifting to pull the cashier with the truck pen

The Civil Guard, in the framework of the operation "FINITO", developed in the province of Alicante, has proceeded to the arrest of 7 people (4 Albanians, 2 Serbs and 1 Spanish), dedicated to the theft of ATMs extracted with pen trucks , which previously had also been stolen. The alleged perpetrators of 9 crimes of robbery with force in ATMs, 7 crimes of theft / robbery of use of a motor vehicle, 1 crime of falsification of license plates and 1 crime of belonging to a criminal group are attributed to the detainees.

The operation was initiated as a result of several robberies committed between the months of January and March, in the provinces of Alicante, Albacete, Valencia and Murcia. This proximity between the provinces, made the agents suspect that the criminal group could be located in the south of the province of Alicante.
Continuing with the investigations, the Civil Guard, could verify that it was a group of people of Albanian nationality settled down between Gran-Alacant-Santa Pola and Almoradí. Also, the agents determined that this group of people moved at dawn on secondary roads, with vehicles with double number plates, until they reached an industrial or polygon warehouse and subtracted a boom truck.
Later, they would go to the selected cashier, place some mooring or lifting slings and pull out the cashier with the pen of the truck.
For the displacements had shuttle vehicles, which monitored the entrances and exits of the roads to detect any police presence. Once they reached the place far enough away, they fractured the cashier with radials and other tools until they got their loot.
The agents have been able to verify that in this way they acted up to 9 times, in the localities of Altea, Pilar de la Horadada and Santa Pola, in Alicante; Bélgida and Llanera de Ranes, in Valencia; Socovos (Albacete); and Almendricos and Campos del Río, in Murcia.
Last Friday June 14, they committed their last robbery in Archivel (Murcia). That same dawn, the Civil Guard arrested the seven members of the group and fully recovered the 48,000 euros from the cashier and the pen truck.
In the home searches carried out, 1 in Santa Pola and 3 in Almoradí, 14,500 euros were seized, various machinery, radials, axes, clubs, balaclavas, transmission systems, ski masks, jackets, gloves, lanyards and 6 vehicles used in the commission of crimes.
It should be noted that the investigation has been quite complicated for researchers, because of its high planning, because of the security measures they took and because they did not leave any clue that allowed their identification.
After the arrest, they were brought before the court, which ordered the entry into prison without bail of all of them, except for the Spanish man, who had assisted in the concealment of the vehicles.
This operation has been directed by the Judicial Police Teams of the Civil Guard of Crevillente and Almoradí, and have had the support of the Unit of Citizen Security (USECIC) of Torrevieja and members of the Company of Torrevieja.


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