The Civil Guard dismantles a business network for the cultivation of illegal marijuana as if it were CBD

They managed to plant hundreds of hectares of marijuana, claiming that the destination was the cultivation of seeds and fiber

52 plantations have been located in Madrid, Almería, Granada, Murcia, Ávila and Cáceres, totaling 372,000 cannabis plants

Farmers were unaware that it was cannabis containing THC

Civil Guard agents have managed to dismantle a business network whose purposes were the cultivation, collection and subsequent sale of cannabis sativa, locating 52 plantations dependent on the organization and more than 372,000 plants.

The investigation originated last May in the Madrid town of Villa del Prado, after the Civil Guard learned that a company was interested in land in the population and that they alleged the need for farmers to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes.

All the inquiries of the Civil Guard focused on the company and its aims, finding out that a representative, a lawyer and an expert in fertilizers had met with several farmers in the town to reach an agreement with them and install their plantations in the place.

In parallel, the agents consulted the competent Autonomous Community bodies to find out if these types of plantations have legal protection, a fact that was ruled out when it was found that the plants that were cultivated contained high percentages of THC, which is not permitted.

The craze for CBD buds

For some time now, the use of cannabis with a low THC content and high in CBD has become fashionable; There are countless advertisements on the Internet and radio where even the parcel companies offer their distribution.

In order to grow this type of plant, prior authorization from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products is required, and the cultivation of hemp varieties is authorized only for industrial use, only the seeds and stems being useful, but in no case the buds.

Location of plantations

The devices established by the Civil Guard of Villa del Prado, paid off, managing to locate the marijuana plantation that the company had managed to install in said population. The farmer in charge of his care, told the agents that the destination that he was going to be given was a pharmacist, the researchers reinforcing the hypothesis of the self-employed deceit by the inducers to benefit from their work.

The inquiries into the business network, with the support and coordination of the Technical Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard, made it possible to locate other plantations of similar characteristics in Almería, Granada and Murcia that were about to be collected, discovering that they also had agricultural spaces in Ávila and Cáceres.

With a totally pyramidal structure, the network had three people at the highest level, expert personnel in the selection and collection of plants in the middle, and at the base of the pyramid, farmers who offered their land and their work in exchange for a significant percentage of profits.

The operation resulted in the arrest of 3 people, the location of 372,000 cannabis sativa plants, an industrial sorting machine and several tons of "buds" vacuum packed and ready for distribution. So far, more than 17,000 kilograms of marijuana have been intervened in the provinces of Madrid and Almería, continuing the open operation.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Madrid Command at the telephone numbers: 91 807 39 02 and 696 909 741.


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