The Civil Guard dismantles a criminal network dedicated to illegal immigration based in Melilla

There are four people arrested, accused of procuring vessels to other criminal organizations dedicated to the trafficking of immigrants, and a total of 18 inflatable vessels have been operated

The Civil Guard, within the framework of Operation Zedrón, has dismantled a criminal network dedicated to supplying boats to other criminal organizations, dedicated to the trafficking of immigrants from Morocco to the Peninsula.

There are four people arrested, of Spanish and Moroccan nationalities, for alleged crimes of Criminal Organization and Documentary Counterfeit and a total of 18 inflatable boats have been intervened.
The investigations began last December, after detecting the importation of inflatable boats to Melilla, by people with numerous antecedents for drug trafficking.

Modus operandi

Three members of the organization, two residents in Melilla and another in Almería, bought boats from a warehouse in Almería, which guarded intervened inflatable boats, mainly with illegal immigrants on board, from Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa. In these transactions they used false identities and made invoices in the name of other people to whom they impersonated the identity.
Once the vessels were acquired, they were legally dismantled and transferred to Melilla as merchandise by a city consignee. They used a society or legal entity (association of goods) that did not exist, or what is known in police slang, as "straw men."
Once in the Autonomous City the boats, already dismantled and hidden in bales, were introduced in Morocco by the border crossings of "Chinatown" and "Farhana" taking advantage of the so-called "atypical trade".
In this way the acquired inflatable boats were returned to circulation, which were supplied again to the organizations dedicated to the illicit traffic of people or to the drug traffic. In this way, a circle was established in which vessels were permanently recycled for use by these organizations.
It has managed to break this supply and logistics channel created by the criminal organization, which used the constant recycling of the same inflatable boats, which were sold to other criminal groups that committed crimes related to human trafficking, which once consummated and intervened vessels were deposited, they bought them again at very low prices, thus maximizing the benefit obtained by their illegal activities.
The detainees now controlled the phases of purchase, transfer and subsequent departure to Morocco and left no detail at random, taking self-protection measures to avoid the detection of the criminal activity they carried out.
This organization, although dedicated primarily to the trafficking of immigrants, was also related to another, recently dismantled, which intervened, among other effects, more than 300 kilos of hashish.
The operation has been developed by the Organic Judicial Police Unit of the Melilla Civil Guard in collaboration with the General Directorate of Importation and Complementary Taxes of the Autonomous City of Melilla.
For more information you can contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard in Melilla at 626 286 379


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