The Civil Guard dismantles a criminal network that introduced hashish along the coast of Almería

5 people have been arrested and more than 4 tons of hashish have been seized

The value of the seized movable and immovable property and the bank accounts of the members of the organization amounts to about 1.4 million euros

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the TEJIJO operation, has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to introducing large amounts of hashish from Morocco on the coast of Almería.

5 people have been arrested and more than 4 tons of hashish have been seized. Likewise, it has been possible to intervene, between the value of movable and immovable property and the balance in bank accounts, about 1.4 million euros.
The operation began last February, when the Civil Guard learned of the existence of a network that would be introducing large amounts of hashish with semi-rigid boats off the coast of Almería, more specifically in the area known as Punta Entinas – Sabinar.
Given this information, the agents organized a surveillance device in the area in order to detect vessels that could be suspected of engaging in drug trafficking.
In mid-April a semi-rigid boat was sailing at low speed through the Punta Entinas Lighthouse, for which it was followed. On the other hand, movements were observed in an area of ​​the beach that made the agents suspect that they could be waiting for the boat to unload the packages.
Once it was confirmed that a cache had been made, several patrols intervened, arresting a person who was unloading the packages. Next to her was a truck inside and around which were found 105 bales of hashish weighing 3,150 kilos.
Later, in July, the agents seized an SUV, previously stolen, with 31 bales of hashish in the same area of ​​the previous cache, throwing an approximate weight of 930 kilos.
The Civil Guard continued with the investigations and located members of the network who would be in charge of the caches and the head of the same, for which, with prior judicial authorization, five searches were carried out in various locations in the Almeria province.
In these searches, 5 vehicles, communication and computer material, documentation, cash, as well as 56 bottles of gasoline were seized.
After that, the investigation focused on the properties and assets of those who led the group, who were two brothers, and two checking accounts with a balance of 118,000 euros were blocked.
On the other hand, the blocked real estate assets, eleven properties, were valued at more than 1,135,000 euros. Likewise, the personal property on which the annotation of absolute prohibition to dispose has been ordered, among which are a boat, truck, motorcycles, tractors, SUVs, cars, amounts to about 100,000 euros.


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