The Civil Guard dismantles a criminal organization dedicated to international cannabis trafficking

The ROLLER operation carried out in the provinces of Almería, Málaga and Granada, has resulted in the arrest of 13 people and 9 searches have been carried out, intervening about 40 kg of Cannabis, more than 100,000 euros and 3 firearms

The perpetrators pose as painters and use rental vehicles to transport drugs in an attempt to evade police action

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the KNEE operation, carried out in the provinces of Almería, Málaga and Granada, has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to international cannabis trafficking, arresting 13 people as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of belonging to a Criminal Organization, Traffic of Drugs, Robbery with Force, Illegal Possession of Arms and Defraud of the Electric Fluid.

In the operation, 9 records have been made, intervening about 40 kilograms of cannabis, precision scales, sealers, vacuum packers, a centrifuge and a hydraulic press, in addition to three firearms, ammunition and more than 100,000 euros.

The operation began in February when the Civil Guard intercepted in the town of Los Gallardos (Almería), a rental vehicle driven by a person dressed in painter's clothes, which he transported hidden, among painting tools to try to evade the police action, 54 packages (27Kg.) Of cannabis buds vacuum packed.
Continuing with the investigations, the agents were able to verify that the place of origin of the seized drug was Granada and that there was a perfectly geared criminal network dedicated to international drug trafficking that would have carried out more than 40 transports of marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) alone between the months of September 2019 to February 2020.
Likewise, the agents were able to locate in Malaga the faction of this criminal organization, in charge of supplying cannabis through export contacts installed in Almería, which in turn, store the drug supplied by minor suppliers or intermediaries in Granada.
At the same time, in this operation, the Civil Guard has obtained and collected information that has allowed it to dismantle a clandestine rooster of fighting cocks in the province of Granada (Operation Mentum, June 2020).


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