The Civil Guard dismantles a group of inmates related to Daesh who operated in different prisons

The operation carried out by the Civil Guard has culminated in the arrest of three people who allegedly have carried out active work of proselytizing and disseminating the jihadist ideology

The control of the radicalization processes carried out by the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions (SGIP) has been key to identifying and neutralizing the activity of these inmates

The Civil Guard has detained two inmates and a third person who had previously been in prison and who had carried out proselytizing, recruiting and disseminating jihadist postulates in different prisons in a concerted and coordinated manner, responding to a common strategy.

Said activities, which would be in line with the global strategy set by the terrorist organization Dáesh, consisted of the materialization of public actions to transfer the messages or slogans of the aforementioned organization, among which would be the realization of graffiti in common areas of the prisons as well as disseminating content suitable for inciting terrorist affiliation through postal correspondence.

In the Murcia II CP, the person identified as I.M. has been arrested, who is in custody for crimes of terrorism and is known for his radical and indoctrinating activity. The investigation has revealed that his criminal activities in prison were not isolated events but were obeyed by a common strategy.

In the Teixeiro CP (A Coruña), the one identified as RB has been arrested, who is serving a sentence for crimes against property, although he is classified as an inmate under special monitoring (FIES) because he is a radicalized inmate during his stay in prison. .

Finally, M.D. in the town of Ceuta. This person was in prison for two different periods and in both carried out proselytizing activities and the dissemination of jihadist slogans.

In the investigation, directed by the Central Court of Instruction number 1 of the National Court and coordinated by the Prosecutor's Office, the control and monitoring activity carried out by the SGIP in order to identify the activities of those now detained was key.

Thanks to the knowledge of the radicalization processes in prison, the investigation has shown that the activities of these detainees can be framed in a broader group dynamic in which in a concerted and coordinated way they focused their efforts on radicalizing, capturing and ideologically indoctrinating in the postulates of the terrorist organization Daesh to new individuals in prison

The Civil Guard has carried out various operations in the penitentiary field in recent years. All of them carried out together with the Penitentiary Administration, are in line with the current National Counter-Terrorism Strategy, which establishes as a priority the detection and neutralization of radicalization processes in prisons.

For more information, you can contact the Civil Guard Information and Social Relations Office at 91.514.60.10.


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