The Civil Guard dismantles a laboratory of medicines manufactured by hand with fertilizers for agricultural use

One person has been arrested and two others have been investigated

The detainee affirmed that the drugs were a protector and activator of regeneration in the human organism that counteracted serious ailments such as cancer and anxiety or fatigue syndromes. The fake medicine prepared was sold at the price of € 60/80 per unit

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the Feiticeiro operation, carried out in Oviedo, has arrested a 59-year-old citizen who is charged with a crime against public health and another crime related to industrial property. Two women have also been investigated in this operation, one as an alleged collaborator in the manufacture, supply and storage of the medicines and the other resident in Alicante where the detainee had a second residence.

The operation began at the end of last year, when the agents received a complaint at the Pravia Civil Guard Post in which a man stated that being part of a society that worked with a complex of amino acids that are used in agriculture and whose sales and market expansion efforts were made mainly in Russia, Ukraine and other countries in the area, since the beginning of that year, they had blocked the company's email and changed the passwords, losing all kinds of contact with their partner in society, who accused him of inactivity.
For this reason, the agents began an investigation to determine under what conditions this company worked, noting that there were several irregularities. During the course of the investigation, the Civil Guard identified the complainant's partner as V.S., a 59-year-old Russian citizen residing in Tudela Veguín-Oviedo (Asturias).
Also, the agents found that V.S. He dedicated himself to the homemade manufacture of supposed medicines for human consumption in his home in Tudela Veguín and which he sold in Asturias, Alicante and Russia.
After demonstrating several witnesses and buyers of these drugs, it was established that this person was engaged in manufacturing and distributing illegal drugs nationally and most likely internationally.
After the steps taken by the Civil Guard, it can be verified that the person under investigation lacks the necessary permits for the preparation and marketing of medicines, a circumstance accredited by the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products) which is the regulatory and competent body in pharmacological matter in Spain).
Throughout the investigation, it was also found that the illegal drugs were made with agricultural ingredients, covered with false documentation and that a fictitious brand had been created for distribution. To do this, it used the logo and commercial name of two real companies located in Spain.
For this reason, the arrest of V.S. As the alleged perpetrator of a crime against public health and another crime against industrial property, the detainee's home was searched, where 25 kilos of different substances, minerals, vegetables, nutrients, fertilizers, biofertilizers, and other use supplements agricultural, in addition to 106 liters of feed additives for livestock use that were allegedly used for the manufacture of medicines as well as the bottles used for their packaging and almost € 7,000 in cash.
To manipulate these products, the detainee mixed these substances with distilled water, then packaged the false medicine in bottles purchased from the pharmacy and printed the labels, leaflets and cardboard, falsifying the manufacturer, origin and instructions for use.
The detainee claimed that this drug was a protector and activator of regeneration in the human body that counteracted serious ailments such as cancer and anxiety or tiredness syndromes. The fake medicine prepared was sold at the price of € 60/80 per unit. These counterfeit drugs pose a significant health risk since they lacked the minimum control measures in their manufacture, transport and storage.
People who acquired this product, in addition to suffering fraud as consumers, could put their lives at risk due to the inability to control the disease towards which the drug was directed and also suffer negative effects on their health when containing these "medicines" toxic substances.
The Civil Guard warns of the consequences of the consumption of this medicine and asks buyers to stop using it and go to the Civil Guard offices to report this fraudulent sale.
The proceedings instructed by the Oviedo Civil Guard Judicial Police Team are forwarded to the Investigating Court Number 4 of Oviedo.


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