The Civil Guard dismantles a network dedicated to the issuance of false certificates necessary for rural guardianship authorization

They offered online courses bypassing current regulations, which establish that 50% of them must be face-to-face including real shooting practices that are essential for their subsequent authorization

Non-training, among others, in the handling and use of weapons poses a serious risk to both public safety and to the scammed themselves

More than 100 people affected have been located throughout the national territory

The Civil Guard, in the framework of the operation "LIEBRE", has arrested 4 people in Madrid and investigated another who belonged to an organization dedicated to issuing false certificates required for the presentation of the necessary documentation in obtaining the qualification as Guardian of rural and its specialties. They offered online courses bypassing current regulations, which establish that 50% of them must be face-to-face including real shooting practices, fundamental for their subsequent authorization.

They are charged with the alleged crimes of documentary falsehood and fraud. More than 100 affected people have been located throughout the national territory.

The investigation began after detecting in the documentation provided by aspiring field guards a large number of diplomas issued in Madrid and delivered in Cádiz of people with low economic solvency, who supposedly moved to the capital to perform the contact hours required in the normative.

Given these suspicions, the agents prove that in the academy under investigation it is not necessary to practice shooting or any face-to-face class to obtain said certificate, since in order to achieve it, you only had to take an online course and the payment of the tuition (for lower prices to the usual ones to obtain this type of qualifications).

From there, the researchers prove the existence of a large number of students entitled by said center that supposedly have not been able to perform shooting practices, or even face-to-face classes to be able to exercise such sensitive and delicate tasks as guardians field

After that, the people affected were contacted, who have found that a large part of them did not move to Madrid to perform the contact hours or to practice shooting.

For this reason and given the alleged irregularities, the Civil Guard establishes a large device at the headquarters of this training center in Madrid for the center's records, resulting in the arrest of its four managers, in addition to an investigation.

This organization competed in an unfair way offering better prices as well as greater flexibility than those that had mandatory classroom classes and mandatory shooting practices turned out to be more expensive.

The SEPROSE of the Civil Guard, will have the appropriate procedures to review each of the possible frauds and offer the scammed a solution so that they can carry out their tasks with all the guarantees.

The operation has been developed by the Weapons Intervention of the Civil Guard of the Cádiz Command in collaboration with the Protection and Security Service of the Arms and Explosives Headquarters (SEPROSE).

For any questions, please contact the Peripheral Communication Office (O.P.C.) of the Civil Guard of Cádiz, at 956 293.408 ext. 4546, or on the phone 636472330.


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