The Civil Guard dismantles a network of drug traffickers led by ‘the messi of hashish’, composed of 78 people

The organization operated along the Guadalquivir River and the coasts of the Gibraltar countryside

Police cooperation with the Royal Gibraltar Police has been important in the operation

5 semi-rigid vessels, 17 vehicles, more than half a million euros, and various weapons have been intervened, including a weapon of war

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the Cansino-Lanas operation, has dismantled a criminal organization, based in the provinces of Seville and Cádiz, dedicated to the importation of significant quantities of hashish from Africa. 78 people have been arrested, and seized more than six tons of hashish, 5 boats, 17 vehicles, 480,000 euros in cash, 6 weapons, and dismantled a shipyard that built semi-rigid boats.

In February of this year, Maritime Rescue rescued 3 people in a vessel in danger of sinking. Upon being near Gibraltar, the wrecked boat is recovered by the Gibraltarian authorities, along with 84 bundles of hashish (2,500 kg) that had been thrown into the sea prior to their rescue, to avoid being arrested. With the collaboration of the Royal Gibraltar Police, it was learned then that one of the rescued is a man of confidence of the leader of the most important drug trafficking organization on the coast of Andalusia.

At the beginning of April the researchers were aware that a vessel of this organization could be sheltering in the Guadalquivir river through the area of ​​La Algaba (Seville). A device was prepared and 103 bundles of hashish (3,100 kg) were seized, in addition to a semi-rigid vessel and a submachine gun. The submachine gun is intervened with one of the drivers of the cargo vehicles that are on the run after the river stash and to avoid being stopped causes an accident with an official vehicle causing injury to two civil guards. They are also related to a stash in which 15 bundles of hashish (450 kg) were seized.

At this point the procedure of action of this organization led by A.H.S.M. alias "messi", which, due to the pressure exerted by the Civil Guard, would have allied with the so-called "Los Lanas" clan, which operated along the Guadalquivir River and that the Civil Guard had already detected last summer. This clan, led by two brothers, would have two subgroups; one in charge of security and logistics and another in which it would be in charge of the mechanics and tuning of boats. They could also be using a ship located in Isla Mayor, adopting important security measures, and another two in Pilas and in Villanueva del Trabuco in the province of Malaga. In the latter, dedicated to the construction of boats, they would be manufacturing the well-known "tires".

Once the members of the organization were known, judicial authorizations for the entry and registration of 25 homes and ships in the provinces of Cádiz, Seville and Malaga were requested, seizing 6,060 kilograms of hashish and 5 high-speed vessels, valued at 1,500,000 euros, 17 vehicles of which five had previously been stolen, 480,000 euros in cash, four short and two long weapons (one of them a submachine gun) and 94,000 euros have been blocked in 20 bank accounts. In addition, a shipyard that with legal appearance was building semi-rigid vessels has been dismantled, seizing two molds of this type of boats.

In total, the Civil Guard has arrested 78 people (70 men and 8 women) in Seville and Cádiz for crimes of belonging to a criminal and drug trafficking organization, and filed an International Detention Order at the head of the organization located in the Campo de Gibraltar of which depended on the Clan of "Los Lanas". In addition, 15 search and capture orders have been issued against other members of the organization.

On the other hand, as a result of this operation, 24 people are investigated for a Money Laundering Crime from drug trafficking as well as a legal person used to commit the crime.

It would be a network of people settled in Algeciras and La Linea de la Concepcion, dedicated to the introduction into the legal financial system of significant amounts of money from organized crime related to international drug trafficking. The Civil Guard has blocked dozens of bank accounts, and intervened fourteen vehicles, three vessels and six homes located in Algeciras, all valued at more than 3,000,000 euros. In addition, a nautical company based in this locality and used as a logistic instrument of drug trafficking and as a means of channeling the benefits from drug trafficking are investigated.

With this service, the Civil Guard has dismantled one of the most important organizations operating in the Guadalquivir River, a subsidiary of another organization located in the Campo de Gibraltar, with the support of the Gibraltar Police.

For more information, you can contact the Civil Guard of Seville, at 630900403.


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