The Civil Guard dismantles a network that distributed large amounts of hashish and marijuana throughout Europe

100 people have been arrested and more than five tons of hashish and 230 kilos of marijuana buds have been seized

One branch of the organization launched the boats down the Guadalquivir River; another sent drugs to Europe in trucks from a warehouse located in Dos Hermanas; and a third carried out refueling tasks from marinas located between La Línea and Manilva

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the MOPA operation, has dismantled a network dedicated to the trafficking of hashish and marijuana. In addition, they supplied other criminal organizations with boats, fuel, food and crews.

100 people have been arrested and 5,040 kilos of hashish and 230 kilos of marijuana buds have been seized. In addition, a simulated long gun, a taser gun, as well as 5 vehicles including two trucks, navigation, computer and communication equipment, and abundant documentation have been intervened.
The investigation began when it became known that an organization was launching boats down the Guadalquivir River. The clan known as MONPARLET, also engaged in logistical tasks of concealing high-speed boats.
The agents found out that the investigated organization was also launching the boats between the Sevillian towns of Isla Mayor and Puebla del Río, a marsh area and therefore difficult to access from land.
On the other hand, several warehouses were located in industrial estates on the outskirts of Seville, which served to hide the boats while repair and maintenance work was carried out.
One branch of the organization was dedicated to petaqueo (supplying fuel to the semi-rigid). These are very powerful boats with three or four engines that require a lot of fuel. This branch had small recreational boats that departed from the ports of La Atunara, Sotogrande (both in the province of Cádiz) and La Duquesa (Mñálaga) to supply fuel, food and, if necessary, make crew changes and thus start over. the hashish route to Morocco.
During the course of the operation, the agents have seized 1,170 kilos of hashish in Matalascañas (Huelva), 3,240 kilos in Adra (Almería) and 330 kilos in La Línea (Cádiz), so it is worth noting the powerful infrastructure they had to carry out caches all over the coasts of Andalusia.

They transported drugs to Europe hidden in trucks with fruits

Another branch, of the same organization, transported the drugs that were brought into the peninsula to Europe. For this they used trucks that they hid in a polygon in the Sevillian town of Dos Hermanas. The drug was usually hidden between fruits alternating hashish with marijuana batches.
As a result of these investigations, apprehensions were made in these trucks, with the support of French Customs, 105 kilograms of marijuana were seized in Dax. In Spain two more trucks: one in Badajoz where 300 kilos of hashish and 125 kilos of marijuana were seized in Irún (Guipúzcoa).


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