The Civil Guard dismantles a network that had cheated about 3 million euros with the sale of protective sanitary material

4 people have been arrested and another has been investigated for the crimes of fraud, falsification of documents and belonging to a criminal organization

They had sold 330,000 boxes to a distribution company, supposedly of nitrile gloves, but in reality they were filled with bags of sand

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the “BLEUGANT” operation, has dismantled a criminal group in Valencia that would have defrauded a company of more than 2,700,000 euros in the sale of medical protection material.

4 people have been arrested and another has been investigated for the crimes of fraud, falsification of documents and belonging to a criminal organization.

Those responsible for the scam would have charged more than 2,700,000 euros to a company located in the national territory for the sale of 330,000 boxes of nitrile gloves, which were intended for the protection of medical personnel in France in the fight against the coronavirus.

Those now detained earned the trust of potential buyers by sending videos showing more than 260 pallets loaded with what pretended to be boxes of nitrile gloves. In addition, they accompanied potential buyers on visits to an industrial warehouse located in the province of Valencia, where said merchandise was stored, and whose boxes allegedly contained the gloves that were the object of the sale.

The members of the network exhibited to their victims the contents of the pallets, whose load did correspond with nitrile gloves of a well-known commercial brand. But what the buyers did not know was that the rest of the merchandise was boxes full of sand that they had previously entered and sealed, and that the scammers were posing as the merchandise that the injured parties intended to purchase.

A distribution company, located in national territory, acquired the merchandise by paying more than 2,700,000 euros to a Turkish bank account controlled by the criminal group. Subsequently, and unaware of the scam, he proceeded to resell the merchandise to a second merchant based in France to distribute it throughout this country and provide health personnel with protection material.

The deception was uncovered during the shipment of the merchandise to France, when the victims, after inspecting the cargo, discovered that in reality the merchandise they had acquired were boxes full of sandbags.

During the searches carried out, 330,000 cardboard boxes that simulated nitrile glove boxes were intervened, as well as different documentation and computer and telecommunications equipment and accessories.

The proceedings have been made available to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 7 of Alzira.

The operation has been carried out by agents belonging to the Judicial Police Teams of Sueca and Cullera (Valencia), who have had the collaboration of the French and Turkish police authorities.

For more information, you can call the Peripheral Communication Office (OPC), of the Valencia Civil Guard, at 690.946.837.


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