The Civil Guard dismantles a traveling criminal group dedicated to violent robberies in inhabited houses

The detainees moved from Oviedo to Chiclana (Cádiz) where they detained a businessman and his family to steal a loot of 25,000 euros

They behaved with extreme violence, hiding their faces with balaclavas, carrying firearms and "tássicos" type electric pistols and using vests with anagrams of the National Police

The detainees were experts in martial arts and contact sports, and had in their history similar acts committed in different parts of the national geography

The Civil Guard within the framework of the "Contas" operation has broken up a traveling criminal group that was moving from Oviedo to Chiclana de la Frontera to commit a robbery with violence and intimidation at the home of a local businessman and in which during the same They kept the entire family on hold, stealing money, jewelry and valuables for a total of € 25,000. Four people have been detained and four searches have been carried out in the homes where they resided, as well as in a gym owned by one of the detainees and which served as a link between all the members of the gang.

Garments have been intervened pretending to be policemen that the detainees were carrying on the day of the events, a used “laser” type electric pistol, 10 grams of cocaine, cutting substance, a precision scale and effects for the sale of cocaine at retail . Detainees are charged with the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation in an inhabited house, membership of a criminal organization, illicit possession of weapons and illegal detention.

The detainees behaved with extreme violence towards their victims, managing to put the businessman's children in the head and carry out two shocks with an electric "tásser" type gun on the businessman.

They pretended to be police

The detainees wore balaclavas to hide their faces and wore reflective vests with anagrams from the National Police. The components of this itinerant band that had moved from Oviedo to commit this type of action. They were experts in martial arts and contact sports and had in their history similar acts committed in different parts of the national geography.
In May of last year, the Civil Guard began the investigation after learning of the commission of a robbery with violence and intimidation committed in a well-known residential area of ​​the area to a local businessman and his family. The victim did not file a complaint until two months later for fear of future retaliation after the robbery.

Assault at the entrance of the house

When the victim and his partner returned to their home, they were approached by three armed hooded persons wearing reflective vests with anagrams of the National Police, who surrounded them by shouting “POLICE, POLICE” and forced them to enter the home. Once inside the house, the assailants at gunpoint, gather together with the couple the daughter and son of the complainant, the latter of 14 years of age, handcuffing the businessman while his entire family was gunned down.
After disconnecting the alarm from the house, the attackers located the image recording system, taking the hard drive with the recording to make identification difficult. They forced the victim to open a briefcase with a security lock by taking off the electric pistol, taking 15,000 euros in bills, a gold watch and various gold jewelery valued at around 10,000 euros, later fleeing in a vehicle that I was waiting nearby.
The operation has been coordinated by Investigating Court No. 5 of those of Chiclana, and carried out by the Crimes Against Heritage Team of the Commandery of the Civil Guard of Cádiz and by agents of the Commandery of the Civil Guard of Oviedo. supported by agents of the Reserve and Security Group nº 6 of León.


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