The Civil Guard dismantles an important international organization dedicated to human trafficking

The operation has resulted in the arrest of 8 people and the identification of 27 victims

The victims were generally employed for agricultural work

The organization introduced victims, coming from Morocco, along the coast of Almeria using high-speed boats or jet skis.

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the “LODARES” operation, has arrested eight people who were part of a criminal organization dedicated to introducing immigrants from Morocco along the Almeria coast. These persons are investigated as alleged perpetrators of crimes against the rights of foreign citizens, against Social Security, for usurpation of marital status and also for belonging to a criminal organization.

In the operation, 27 victims have been identified and three records have been made where numerous mobile terminals have been intervened and documentation related to the illegal activity they were carrying out.

Investigations began at the beginning of the year, when agents learned of the presence of a group of people, based in the town of Hellín (Albacete), who could be part of a criminal organization dedicated to introducing immigrants irregularly in our country.

Continuing with the investigations, the Civil Guard was able to verify that some of the members of the organization were related to other organizations that had already been dismantled and that had been reorganized. As a result of these investigations, the agents were able to identify the addresses used by the organization to hide the victims. To do this, they took multiple security measures in order to avoid being detected by the Security Forces and Bodies.

Introduction of immigrants by sea

The organization introduced immigrants, by sea, from Morocco to the Almeria coast, using high-speed boats and even jet skis, which greatly hinders police action.

It should be noted that during the investigations, the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard managed to intercept one of the jet skis used to transport immigrants, identifying three of them. Likewise, several interceptions of the vehicles used by the organization to move immigrants from the province of Almería to Hellin (Albacete) were also made.

The organization used immigrants generally for agricultural work, taking advantage of their special vulnerability. To do this, the members of the network gave the victims their own legal documentation, thus obtaining fraudulent benefits for Social Security unemployment benefits.

The operation has been carried out by members of the Information Group of the Civil Guard of Albacete and the Information Headquarters, with the support of various units of the Civil Guard Commander of Albacete. The proceedings have been directed by the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Hellín and by the Provincial Prosecutor of Albacete.

Likewise, for the investigation of crimes against Social Security, we have had the collaboration of the Labor Inspection of Albacete.

For more information, you can contact the Civil Guard Press Office at 639894661.


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