The Civil Guard dismantles an organization dedicated to the sexual exploitation of women of different nationalities in the provinces of Toledo and Madrid

The release of eight victims has been carried out, as well as the arrest of two people and another seven investigated. The organization was able to exploit more than 80 women in the last four years

The economic investigation carried out puts the benefits obtained by this criminal group at only 5,000,000 euros only with the sexual exploitation of victims

One of them was illegally detained for more than 5 years inside a house, where she was sexually exploited.

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the MARACANAI operation, has broken up an organization dedicated to trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation of women of various nationalities, most of them from South America.

In the operation, eight women between the ages of 19 and 34 were released, and two people, a man and a woman, both of Spanish nationality, were also detained, and seven others were investigated, who are accused of the alleged trafficking crimes. of human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation, membership of a criminal organization, crime against public health and money laundering.

Four house searches have also been carried out, two in the province of Toledo and two in that of Madrid, from which the eight victims who lived in overcrowded conditions in the same places where they were sexually exploited have been released.

Five years withheld

The investigation began in late 2018, when a complaint was received from one of the victims captured by this criminal group, which was later judicially recognized as a “protected witness”. The complaint is especially harsh because this victim would have been illegally detained for approximately five years, but it allowed to identify and locate three places of sexual exploitation in the towns of Seseña Nuevo (Toledo), Fuenlabrada (Madrid) and Madrid capital, facts that allowed investigators to corroborate a great activity of possible sexual exploitation, especially in the place located in Seseña Nuevo.

False job expectations and threats

The now disjointed criminal group captured the victims through deception and false expectations of remunerated activities unrelated to any relationship with sexual exploitation, all this through people who were dedicated to "controlling" agricultural exploitations where foreign citizens who were irregularly in Spain and in rather precarious living conditions, which made them “easily grasp” victims.
Another way of attracting traffickers was through the Internet through the publication of advertisements for job offers, where data were provided that later turned out to be completely false.
Once in the places of exploitation, the victims had their personal documentation withdrawn, being threatened that if they tried to escape they would be denounced and expelled from the country, including cases of use of physical violence against them.
At the same time, the investigated had drawn up a business network with the aim of channeling the benefits obtained and laundering these profits, eventually acquiring several properties in the province of Madrid, as well as several high-end vehicles.
The economic investigation phase in this operation has spanned several months after the criminal group's disarticulation, finally allowing, despite its complexity, to put the benefits obtained in the last four years at around 5,000,000 euros, having achieved so far the immobilization and blocking of various properties and different properties, bank accounts and deposits worth more than 1,000,000 euros.
Among the different criminal typologies committed by this group, the use of video recordings made of the victims without their knowledge while they were sexually exploited stands out, these images may have been used both to control the execution of sexual services and to coerce and extort money. later to the clients of this type of services.

For many victims; "The House of Horrors"

Numerous demonstrations have been taken from victims, several of them having in common the classification of the exploitation place as a hell, a "house of horrors". More than one testimony has agreed that one of the women had even been forced to abort against her will.
Some victims were recruited to practice prostitution in apparent freedom, later being forced to perform totally deplorable and rejectable sexual services by the victims, failing to pay them in some cases and generating in others a debt solely for the fact of residing in the place of exploitation.
In the same way, cases have been detected in which the victims ended up fleeing and facing a total situation of helplessness, with fear of reporting the facts due to threats from the criminal organization to reveal their faces in web advertisements or to communicate to their families true situation, and even with being denounced to the Authorities before their irregular situation in Spain.
In the different searches carried out, different narcotic substances were intervened, in addition to weapons, highlighting more than a kilo of methamphetamine and half a kilo of cocaine, as well as 190,000 euros in cash, which were hidden in different vacuum-packed packages.
The narcotic substances were used by the Organization not only for their distribution to the clients, by the exploited victims, but also so that the victims themselves “hooked” on these substances and in this way increased their “supposed debts” with the Organization.
The operation has been developed by the Human Trafficking Section of the Central Operational Unit of the Civil Guard, with the support of other Corps Units and NGOs specialized in contact with victims of the crime of trafficking in human beings. , all this under the direction of the Investigating Court number 5 of those of Illescas (Toledo), as well as by the Toledo Prosecutor's Office for Immigration.


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