The Civil Guard dismantles an organization that transported hashish to Holland hidden in double bottoms of vans

95 kilograms of hashish hidden in a double bottom of a van that simulated transporting electrical equipment have been intervened

The Civil Guard has carried out the Fisher operation in the town of La Junquera (Girona), in which 95 kilograms of hash have been intervened and three people of Polish nationality have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health.

At the end of last March, Civil Guard agents learned that a criminal group during the state of alarm had the intention of transporting a shipment of drugs to the Netherlands.

Vans for transfer of electrical equipment

This criminal group was made up of three men of Polish nationality, who used the cover of transporting electrical equipment in three large vans, to transport drugs from Spain to European countries, mainly the Netherlands.
The detainees entered Spain by road driving three vans, collecting two of them in different industrial estates in Catalonia, electrical material with which they would load the three vans and offer the appearance of a transport of ordinary and legal material in case of being controlled by the forces. security, and go back to northern Europe.
At the same time they loaded the drug into a double bottom prepared for this purpose on the sides of one of the vans. For displacements they used numerous security measures circulating in a convoy in which one van towards the shuttle functions circulating ahead to detect possible police controls and another carried out counter-surveillance functions circulating more delayed to avoid follow-ups by the security forces and give support by if any breakdown or mishap arose.
The operation has been carried out by agents of the Judicial Police Unit of the Civil Guard of the Catalonia Area.


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