The Civil Guard dismantles several marijuana plantations and arrests those responsible

In Candeleda (Ávila), the ringleader of the gang had hired some of the detainees during confinement to maintain and prepare the plants.

In Chipiona (Cádiz) a plantation with a complex electrical system installed has been dismantled to promote the growth of the 3,157 plants that have been seized

Also in Cádiz, a person with more than 22 kilos of marijuana has been arrested, who argued to the agents that he had come to feed his horses to justify their displacement.

The Civil Guard has carried out several actions through which they have dismantled two marijuana plantations and detained 11 people in independent operations carried out in the provinces of Ávila and Cádiz.

Operation of the Civil Guard of Ávila

In Candeleda (Ávila), the Civil Guard has detained 8 people as the alleged perpetrators of crimes against public health, damages, defraud of electricity, serious disobedience to an agent, authority and illicit association.

During the afternoon of April 17, when a Civil Guard patrol was serving in the town of Candeleda, he intercepted a man for breaking the confinement to go to the home of a friend. During his identification, it was observed that marijuana leaves were found on his clothes. To check the version of this person, the agents went to the aforementioned address and behind the entrance door that was open, a perfect wiring system and bridging of the light meter could be observed, as well as ventilation tubes compatible with the cultivation of marijuana in the "Indoor" mode.

Civil Guard agents knocked on the door and the people inside fled from the rear, then began a persecution that led to the arrest of a total of 8 people, initially for serious disobedience to the agent. of authority, several of them stating that the house contained a large number of marijuana plants and that some of them had been hired by one of the detainees to carry out maintenance work on the plantations.

In the face of these accusations, the competent judicial authority was asked for authorization to enter and register. During the subsequent registration, it could be shown that they had also been defrauding the electricity supply since the house had sophisticated wiring systems and bypassing the meter to receive electricity free of charge.

Once all the rooms in the house were checked, a clandestine Indoor laboratory where a large number of plants, a ventilation and lighting system and filters were located so that the odor did not spread outside was located in its garage. The house, completely destroyed, was entirely dedicated to the elaboration of this type of substance, differentiated by the growth, flowering and drying of the rooms.

As a result of the registration, 500 cannabis sativa plants in an advanced flowering state were seized, of which 50 were in an advanced drying process, yielding a total weight of 210 kilograms.

The Court of Instruction number 1 of those of Arenas de San Pedro decreed the direct entry into prison of the head of the criminal gang, the other 7 being released pending their resolution. With this action, the Civil Guard has managed to eradicate an important point of drug production and distribution in the Valle del Tiétar region, not ruling out further arrests in the coming days.

Cádiz Civil Guard operations

In Chipiona (Cádiz), the Civil Guard has dismantled a marijuana plantation that had been installed in a villa rented for this purpose. The arrested couple had installed a complex electrical system, which included a multitude of differentials, a complete maze of lighting, extractors and humidifiers. The electricity that fed the entire system was illegally extracted from public lighting. A man and a woman have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health, and another for defrauding electricity, and 3,157 marijuana plants have been intervened, as well as the entire complex system that had been set up to promote and accelerate its growth.

The operation was carried out on April 20 in the town of Chipiona, when, thanks to the investigations carried out and the evidence found, the civil guards located a home where an illegal cultivation of so-called indoor cannabis would have been installed. Once the application for entry and registration was made, it allowed verifying the existence of indoor cultivation, which included high-power lamps with their current accumulators, wall fans, air conditioning equipment, powerful carbon filters to mask the characteristic odor of these crops and air extractors. Likewise, its managers had taken numerous measures to prevent any observation from abroad, both of the crop and of the illegal “hooking” from the power line to the house.

After identifying those responsible for the plantation, they were arrested as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of drug trafficking and fraud of electric power.

Also in Cádiz, the Civil Guard has detained a person when he was transporting more than 22 kilos of marijuana, vacuum packed and ready for marketing, also being denounced for violating the regulations that regulate travel during the validity of the decreed state of alarm. by COVID-19. When asked for the reason for his displacement, he argued that he came from feeding his horses.

The action took place on the morning of last April 21, when the civil guards of the Jerez de la Frontera Traffic Detachment, developed a preventive device for Citizen Security within the framework of the State of Alarm protocol decreed by the incidence of COVID -19. At around 08:30, a passenger car, Hyundai brand, Accent model, gray in color, was stopped, whose driver, far from obeying the signals made by the agents to stop the vehicle, ignored and continued running without slowing down. The civil guards then began to track the vehicle, and intercepted it on the CA-3107 road at the height of P.K. 0.000. Once they proceeded to identify it, they verified that it was M.A.F.R. 41 years old and a resident of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, who alleged that he had come to feed some of the horses he had, to justify his displacement.

When asked about the content of the large packages that he carried in the rear seats of the vehicle, he said that it was animal feed, although when checking its content, the civil guards found that it was ready marijuana. for marketing, finding inside the trunk of the vehicle two other packages with similar characteristics.

For all this, he was arrested, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against Public Health for Drug Trafficking, and was also denounced in Royal Decree 463/2020, which regulates travel during the term of the Alarm State.

For more information you can establish contact with the Peripheral Communication Offices of the Civil Guard in Ávila at 920 224 400 Ext- 228 and 690733383 and Cádiz at 636472330.


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