The Civil Guard dismantles two criminal organizations dedicated to large-scale international drug transport

In the two operations carried out, 10 people were arrested, intervening a total of 1299 kg of hashish and 709 kg of marijuana buds vacuum packed

The two criminal groups used “shell companies” so that their drug transports went unnoticed.

One of the organizations used a commercial canning company (tomatoes, beets, olives, carrots and corn) to hide the drug among the legal merchandise, later shipping it in heavy trucks by road to Italy

The Civil Guard, within the framework of two operations "Bussare" and "Carpenter", has dismantled two criminal organizations based in the province of Malaga, dedicated to the distribution of large amounts of hashish and marijuana abroad, using for this purpose "shell companies ”In order to hide their activity. The organization used infrastructures located in the Guadalhorce Valley to store and ship drugs.

Operation Bussare

This organization used a commercial canned food company (tomatoes, beets, olives, carrots and corn) to hide the narcotic substance among the legal merchandise, later sending it in heavy trucks by road to Italy.

In this operation, the civil guards have detained 4 people, seized 465 kilograms of hashish, 91,945 euros in cash that one of its members hid in a house in Benalmádena (Malaga), as well as an articulated truck and two vehicles used by the organization. Similarly, an industrial can sealer has been seized, which served the organization to seal the containers once the drug was introduced.

Likewise, 17 pallets (3,020 cans) of preserved food have been seized in perfect condition, which, after judicial authorization, have been donated to the Malaga Food Bank to be delivered to needy families.

Operation Carpenter

This second operation has managed to dismantle another criminal organization that intended to send 834 of hashish and 709 kilograms of vacuum-packed marijuana buds to the United Kingdom.

In this intervention, 4 people of British origin who were hiding drugs inside wooden crates have been arrested to evade customs controls between Spain and the United Kingdom.

Household searches have been carried out in the Malaga towns of Marbella, Mijas and Monda.

Both operations have been carried out by agents belonging to the Malaga Civil Guard Command in coordination with the Civil Guard's CRIM-SUR (Organ for the Coordination of Operations Against Drug Trafficking), being supported by the Rapid Action Group (GAR) of the Civil Guard.

For more information you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard in Malaga on the phone 680 426 900.


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