The Civil Guard dismantles two “speed” laboratories in Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia, considered one of the most important in Spain

A criminal organization dedicated to its production and distribution has been dismantled, and 6 people have been arrested and another investigated in San Sebastián, Tafalla, Alsasua, Bilbao and Lemona

56 kg of speed, 10 kg of hashish, 2.76 kg of cocaine, 20 kg of amphetamines, and 25 kg of methamphetamine oil have been intervened, among other substances

The value of the seized drug exceeds 2 and a half million euros

The Civil Guard has completed operations KONPOSATU, ESTACHA and ELURRA, with the dismantling last week of two important drug laboratories in the Basque Country.

The Civil Guard of Vitoria and Bizkaia had been developing operations KONPOSATU and ESTACHA for several months, on investigations aimed at disarming a laboratory located in the town of Dima, where the agents suspected that a Bilbao drug trafficker would be carrying out elaboration and distribution tasks of drugs in the Basque Country.

The police investigations concluded that the laboratory was hidden in an isolated house, in a rural area in the aforementioned town with a limited passage and difficult access, where substances that would later be transformed into speed, MDMA, or adulterated as " tusi ”or pink cocaine, LSD or Sildenafil.
These investigations managed to prove the personal relationship of this individual with another from Gipuzkoa, giving rise to the ELURRA operation and in which this Gipuzcoan was later arrested.

Within the framework of ELURRA, the Gipuzkoa Civil Guard simultaneously investigated an organized group that produced and distributed narcotic substances throughout the national territory. The agents learned that this network was based in Gipuzkoa, where they also had a laboratory specifically in the Altza neighborhood of San Sebastián, and it was made up of four people who had their roles perfectly defined within the organization.

Perfectly defined roles within the network

One of them was the "chef / chemist" of the substance, he was in charge of transforming the oil from speed into speed, multiplying the amount received considerably using cutting substances. Another was in charge of the security of the laboratory and the supply of the necessary substances. In turn, a third party distributed / commercialized the processed merchandise and made it available to other traffickers located in different localities of the national territory. Finally, the fourth was in charge of distributing to other "drug traffickers" from towns throughout the national territory.

The laboratory was located in a house, where the "cook" prepared the substances. During the search, in addition to the intervened drug, all the material and equipment necessary for its manufacture were found.

With this dismantling, 53 kilos of speed have been seized that could have reached a market price of more than one and a half million euros, making this action by the Civil Guard the most important methamphetamine seizure in recent years in Gipuzkoa and the second largest in Spain this year.
Likewise, two other searches were carried out in which more than 5,000 euros in cash were seized, a simulated revolver, an electric shock gun, 5 precision scales, 760 grams of rock cocaine, 10 kg of hashish, 3 kg of marijuana buds, 1 kg of speed, 95 grams of hashish resin, 9 indoor home growing marijuana plants, 16.8 grams of ecstasy pills, 32 grams of ketamine, 79.7 grams of MDMA as well as substances for the cutting and / or manipulation of narcotic substances.

After this finding, the investigators of the KONPOSATU and ESTACHA operations in Vitoria and Bizkaia respectively, due to their objective being linked to Gipuzkoa, decide to close them down, managing to dismantle an important laboratory in Bizkaia and detain two people for two crimes of drug traffic.

In this case, the modus operandi of the "cook" of the laboratory was the acquisition of own products for the elaboration of narcotic substances, the manufacture and transformation of the products, as well as their distribution.

After the search of the house and a storage room that the investigated person had rented in Bilbao, about 20.3 kg of amphetamine, 7 kg of cutting substance, 291 g of LSD, 1 kg of pink cocaine, 2 kg of cocaine were seized. , 2 kg of marijuana bite, 25 kg of methamphetamine oil, 49 g of hashish pollen, 720 g of ketamine, 2 kg of speed, 270 g of hashish and more than half a kilo of other substances. In addition, 33 cans of Sildenafil prepared for sale, numerous bottles with chemical substances for cutting and handling of illicit substances and € 47,000 in cash were intervened.

The seized amounts would have reached a value of more than one million euros in the illicit market. In addition, he had as a security measure a real firearm and two dogs inside the house.

The six detainees were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction No. 2 of those of San Sebastián, Court of Instruction No. 1 of those of Pamplona, ​​Court of Instruction No. 3 of Durango and Court of Instruction No. 8 of Bilbao, although the investigation continues open.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office (OPC) of the Civil Guard in Bizkaia, at 944.253.400 ext. 1520.


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