The Civil Guard enhances the Jacobean Security Plan during the summer period

Agents in 11 autonomous communities will participate, which, grouped by specialties, will give special protection to the Camino de Santiago and guarantee the safety of pilgrims

Pilgrims will have a new signage of safety tips and the Guardian Benemérito function of the ALERTCOPS app

The operation had to be suspended during the validity of the state of alarm

The Civil Guard strengthens the Jacobean Safety Plan during the summer season in order to give special protection to the Camino de Santiago and guarantee the safety of pilgrims. This operation, with an annual validity and that this year is in its fifth edition, had to be suspended during the state of alarm.

Thousands of agents from the different specialties of the Civil Guard (Citizen Security, Traffic Group, SEPRONA, Information Service, Judicial Police, Cavalry Squadron, Mountain Service and Air Service) in 11 autonomous communities will participate in this intensification phase.
During 2019, the Civil Guard provided almost 24,000 services related to road safety, including 32 health aids, 37 rescues and 550 inspections of establishments.
The Civil Guard provides the protection of the Camino, giving priority to the preservation of citizen security, traffic regulation, land use planning and the protection of the historical-artistic and environmental heritage. It should be noted that this year the device is extended to the Vía de la Plata and the Mozarabic Way, which complement the other traditional and historical routes (such as the French Way) of the northern strip.

News of the Security Plan

One of the novelties presented by this fifth edition of the Safety Plan is the Guardians on the Road communication campaign, through which posters with safety advice (in Spanish, English and French) have been distributed at different points on the Camino de Santiago . This campaign is launched with the collaboration of the Association of Municipalities of the Camino de Santiago (AMCS).
Similarly, since July 2019 a specific tab has been active in the ALERTCOPS app. By downloading the pilgrim / user can activate the Guardian Benemérito function, which provides services such as 24/7 attention from the service operational centers, verification of their last 10 geolocations, or calls and alerts located in real time at 062. All This in an environment available in 7 languages. Also, pilgrims may receive random messages with safety tips depending on their geolocation.
This year, the Plan will also serve as preparation for the Jacobean Holy Year of 2021, during which a massive influx of pilgrims and visitors is expected, given the repercussion and significance at the international level.


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